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Best Tablet Optimized Apps For Cm7 Touchpad

Tablet App
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OP TenderloinShadow


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Posted 04 November 2011 - 10:14 AM #1

First of all, the standard ass-kissing: Everyone working on making this great ROM work on this device, you guys are freaking gods and I worship the ground you walk on.

As the title says, I'm starting this thread so people can discuss the apps they've found that really take advantage of the fact that this device is a tablet. Whether they're specifically tablet-optimized or not, if it's an app that really makes you feel like you're using a tablet and not a smartphone, it qualifies. Also, anyone out there who is working on porting apps from other Android tablets (and I'm specifically thinking of Gojimi at XDA, somebody tell him about this forum or maybe I'll stop being lazy and track down his contact info), I'd love to hear from you. Anyone who's porting apps from other Gingerbread tablets, or trying to make the stock Honeycomb apps work on a Gingerbread tablet, please talk about what you're working on here, because I'd love to try out your apps.

As for what I've discovered thus far, I've been trying tons of different apps ever since the first Alpha was released. Here's what I have so far. Remember, most of this is my OPINION, so don't flame. If you feel you know something better, tell me because I'm eager to try it.

The stock lockscreens really didn't work on the tablet, so I immediately searched for an alternative. Right now I'm using Ripple Lock, the paid version. I've heard good things about WidgetLocker, but haven't tried it yet. Thus far except for Music Beta not working with Ripple Lock's music controls, it works flawlessly for me. A really good replica of Honeycomb's lockscreen.

The stock email and gmail apps are of course meant for smartphones and not tablets, so I've been scouring the internet trying to find a good, tablet optimized one. Preferably one with split panels, because the WebOS app has spoiled me with that. Thus far I've found two good options. The first is Mail'd, the Notion Ink app ported by the great Gojimi from XDA. Anyone who wants a link, I'll probably add one later. Visually it's great, although it took me a while to get it to work. The .zip installer never worked for me, but on the XDA forum someone eventually posted an .apk and that's worked fine. Visually, Mail'd is fantastic, the closest UI I've seen to what we get in WebOS. Thus far (and I'm saying this only a few hours after getting it to work in the first place), I've had no issues with force closes or images not loading that some people have experienced. The only major problems are A) a bit more lag than other apps, and B) no contact sync, meaning it won't auto-load email addresses after starting to type in the person's name. B is the serious one, as I don't remember off-hand all the email addresses I need to send things to.

Because the lack of contact sync is a deal breaker for me, I just switched to Kaiten. It's a paid app in the market, a bit on the pricey side at $4.99, but it offers great functionality along with a split panel interface that, while not as flashy as Mail'd, certainly gets the job done.

Oh, to all you who love Exchange, since I don't use it personally I don't have any info about exchange compatibility with either of them, although I think I read that it doesn't work with Mail'd.

One app I haven't been able to try yet has been the ported email app from the Galaxy Tab. I've downloaded both the Alpha and Beta versions but they don't seem to install properly. Anyone who has gotten this app installed on their Touchpad and wants to help me out, it'd be very much appreciated.

This is one area where I still have yet to be satisfied. My criteria for a good tablet browser is A) displays the full, desktop version of webpages; B) has a great UI, complete with tabs; and C) is compatible with flash (I'll explain why I included this one later). Thus far I've tried Dolphin HD, Skyfire, Opera Mobile, Firefox Mobile, Firefox Nightly, MIren, and probably a bunch more I can't even remember. Of them, I feel Firefox Nightly kicks ass with point B, as I absolutely love it's UI. For point A, initially Firefox Nightly disappointed me because it only displayed the mobile versions of sites, but then I discovered an add-on that fixed it, so check that one off. But it is because of this app that I included point C, because Firefox Nightly (for reasons I don't understand) cannot use Flash. And that right there kills me. Even though Flash might very well be loosing ground thanks to the explosion of HTML5 driven by iPad sales (I'm an anti-Apple guy, but I'm also a pragmatist and I recognize the impact the iPad is having), I still want a browser that can use it. And so, at the moment I'm sticking with Dolphin HD. It has the best UI (again, my opinion) next to Firefox Nightly, and it has full flash compatibility and the ability to change the User Agent to Desktop.

Going back to Notion Ink, their browser looks really cool in the screenshots I've seen, but all my attempts to install it have failed. Gojimi or anyone out there who has gotten this one installed, help would be appreciated.

For all those who hate on the WebOS keyboard, I find myself able to use it almost as well as I would a normal physical keyboard (emphasis on almost). I've been scouring the net for an Android keyboard that would give me similar functionality, even testing a number of smartphone optimized keyboards to see how they display on the device. The biggest problem with this quest, of course, is the multitouch sensitivity bug that is known but not slated to be fixed till Alpha 3. As a result it's impossible to type at any decent speed regardless of how good a keyboard you get. Nevertheless, I did my best, and am current switching between AI Type Tablet Keyboard and Thumb Keyboard. AI Type has the best full landscape interface that I've seen, with a few tweaks in the settings I can make the keys the perfect size for my purposes. However, because the multitouch bug makes normal typing next to impossible, Thumb Keyboard comes quite in handy. The split layout and the compact one (where the keyboard is entirely in the lower right corner) work well, probably because when I use them I'm using fewer fingers and my taps have slightly longer intervals between them. Once Alpha 3 comes out and the multitouch is fixed I'm sure I'll revisit this one.

This is one that I haven't spent much time on. I love the extra screen real estate on a tablet, and I've fallen in love with the AniPet Aquarium live wallpaper, so my criteria for a great launcher is having lots of dock space so I can store things out of the way of my fish. Right now I'm using Gojimi's VTL launcher, the last free version he released, which I believe is 1.6.5. There's a newer one in the market, but I haven't gotten around to buying it yet. It's based on ADW, and is compatible with all the themes and things that ADW is. I love having three docks on three sides. The only major glitch I see, and I'm not sure if it's related to the app or the Touchpad specifically, but widget sizes tend to take up unnecessary extra blank space, which limits the amount of widgets that you can fit on the screen. But, like I said, I'm going with a more sparse design in order to keep my fish in full view, so this hasn't been a game changer for me. As I said earlier, I haven't done a lot of testing with launchers yet, so anyone who knows a better option let me know.

File Manager:
This one I definitely haven't spent any time on. I still tend to use Root Explorer for it's great functionality, but I would love a split panel file browser. I tried out GoAruna for a little bit, emphasis on little, so the jury is still out on it. Anyone with some good suggestions, I'm open to them.

Music Player:
This one doesn't really belong here, but I want to gripe about the Music Beta app. As most of you probably already realize, the Music Beta Widget doesn't theme well. My best guess is it has incomplete APIs relating to how it's meant to eventually replace the stock music app, so a theme tries to change it the way it would the stock music app but can't because of the botched APIs. I'm not a programmer, so I don't know for sure, but that's my theory. Anyway, I love Music Beta. Because my Touchpad is only 16 GB, and I have 11 GB of music, streaming from a music locker is the way I have to go. But when I apply the Honeycomb 3D SB theme, which makes the rest of the UI look awesome, it ruins that one widget. So if anyone out there knows either A) a workaround or fix for this, or B) an alternate app that can connect with Music Beta, or a good alternate music locker with enough storage space for my purposes (eg, not dropbox or Amazon), let me know.

So that's my super long post. I realize I included no links, so if I get bombarded by the usual "Oh my god I need a link!!!!" replies I'll probably go back and add them. Again, the purpose of this forum is to discuss awesome apps for this device, so if anyone has something they think is better than my suggestions I welcome it.
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Posted 04 November 2011 - 10:26 AM #2

Friendcaster has a good tablet UI that the official Facebook app doesn't have. It also doesn't need GPS to run so no need for a fake GPS app.

Plume for twitter also uses a tablet UI on the Touchpad, using a 3 column setup.

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Posted 04 November 2011 - 11:22 AM #3

I'm glad you posted this and it will be nice to have the info in one spot to easily reference.
In terms of Launchers.....I'm a massive fan of LauncherPro and it works / looks beautiful on my Touchpad as well as my 3 other tablets and my Android smartphone.




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Posted 04 November 2011 - 12:12 PM #4

Has anyone had any luck installing the NY Times and News 360's Tablet app as opposed to the phone versions? I've scoured the forums for a fix that seems to be generally agreed upon and cannot find any. Seems to me most tablet apps from the Market I cannot install.

Or alternatively, if there's a site ya'll know I can download the APK files and do a manually install, that would be great. Thanks!



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Posted 04 November 2011 - 12:52 PM #5

File managers

If you are looking for dual screen file manager then you could look at 'dual screen file manager' and 'ghost commander'.



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Posted 04 November 2011 - 01:06 PM #6

File Manager:
Best is Total Comander port for android and is free, set up dual pane side-by-sode in prefs:
ghost cammnader in market is dual pane and a good 2nd choice.

TaskSwitcher in market by Shisho is an absolute on your homepage or butt-menu.

PDF: Repligo is best. And any scanned PDF that is black (unreadable) even on Acrobat will open on ezPDF Reader fine.

Dolphin HD is best browser IMHO followed by xScope. Other top apps in market: Folder Organizer, ZDTools 2 widgets: WiFi (1 touch connect/dis) + Task Killer, WiFinder, Dolphin addon: Bookmarks to SD.

4 Radios: Winamp, XiiaLive, TuneIn Radio & A Online Radio.

Also since TP is not a phone, you need an offline map when outside:
Get Mapdroyd app which is small, then download the big data file for your region from inside app (on your phone or TP) and put it in the root /mnt/sdcard/MapDroyd/data

Osmand is also a good offline map app and the details are different and good too.

Great topic, bookmarked, look forward to others' suggestions.

p.s. just saw hornet's post. "OfficeSuite" & "Documents To Go" full apps are good for word processing docs. But you can get the great Quickoffice free too below (don't install brwoser, messesup default browser & does not work) for word processing:

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Posted 04 November 2011 - 04:37 PM #7




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Posted 04 November 2011 - 06:04 PM #8

Email - I have been using Kaiten's email app, it's the best one I have found so far too.
Launcher - I found that Launcher Pro works best on the tablet. But I do use ADW EX Pro on my phone.
File Manager - I'll have to check out the ones recommended, but I am using ES File Explorer right now because you can create shortcut's that go straight to SD folders.

Thanks for this great thread, hopefully it will get going.
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Posted 04 November 2011 - 06:23 PM #9

Here are some apps I use on my TouchPad that are designed or just work really well on a tablet

VTL Launcher - Based on ADW, but with some tablet optimizations

Dolphin Browser HD - Great on a large screen, although I'm going to check out Opera after the hubbub about privacy concerns

Total Commander - Loved it for WM, and it's great on Android too

FriendCaster Pro - Great tablet optimized Facebook

Thumb Keyboard - Layouts are perfect for tablets



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Posted 04 November 2011 - 06:31 PM #10

I highly recommend maxthon pad browser