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How To Fix The, E: Can't Mount /dev/block/stl10 (Invalid Argument) Error

i9000 unbrick error fix Galaxy S
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OP TechKidTarek


Android Beginner

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Posted 11 October 2011 - 09:50 AM #1

I personally have semi-bricked my phone (SGS) a considerable amount of times and each time i got this message E: Can't mount /dev/block/stl10 (invalid Argument) then i got very frustrated and angry at my self for what i had done. So here is what I don't to fix it. This might also work on the Galaxy tab

Things you are going to need:

1. Odin (any version) maybe Heimdall haven't tested yet
2. dbdata.rfs.tar Added a link to the file on multiuploader as the file limit is to small for me to add to this thread
3. A Semi-bricked phone

Flash with repartition off i repeat do not flash with it on. sometimes works with repartition.also pit is not needed put file in pda in odin

do this and rejoice when it gets unbricked. :android-smile:

and dont forget to show some love and say thank you if i helped you :grin3:

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