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[ABANDONED] Thunderbolt stuck at bootloader,. ***LOCKED*** ***SECURITY WARNING***

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OP mecha_man


Android Beginner

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Posted 28 September 2011 - 04:29 AM #1

Well I've really done it now! I have been running my Thunderbolt rooted using the CM7 RC for a while and decided that I would like to see the official Gingerbread in action. I restored to my stock rooted backup and tried getting the update. It started to work but then got stuck at a screen with the bugdroid and an exclamation point surrounded by a yellow triangle. I pulled the battery and then booted back in only to have it give me the same screen after booting. I then decided I didn't mind wiping the phone anyways so I followed the instructions here (http://www.droid-lif...ild-2-11-605-3/) to install the ruu that leaked over the weekend. It displayed a failure during the update and asked me to reboot. Since then it only boots to the bootloader no matter what i do and has the pink ***LOCKED***, ***SECURITY WARNING*** at the top. It also now says MECHA XD SHIP S-ON, HBOOT-1.05.0000, MICROP-/, RADIO-, eMMC-boot, Jul 19 2011, 14:51:08. I read that the revolutionary tool might be able to fix this, went over to their irc and they say i need to boot the phone to use that. They also said i am basically screwed. Please if anyone knows what to do I could REALLY use some help!



teh Jax

Posted 28 September 2011 - 05:44 AM #2

I don't know for sure but at this point I would say that you could try installing one of a couple officially released RUUs via hboot - perhaps performing the manual root method may prove fruitful as well.

For the record, you should NEVER try installing am official update unless you are pure stock, no root, and S-On unless the devs say it's okay.



Supporting Member

Posted 29 September 2011 - 10:11 AM #3

If the update failed...maybe try running the update again? And just to make sure...you did follow the instructions to the "T"? Or try restoring your backup.