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Donating to AOKP

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OP Zaphod-Beeblebrox


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Posted 10 February 2013 - 05:07 AM #1

Some of you have asked in the past for a way to donate to AOKP as a group. We've not set this up before due to the complications of dealing with identity and taxes, etc. However, as some of our costs are starting to rise, and the cost of those services are being unreasonably born by just a few people, we felt it necessary to embark on some way to allow group donations.

Thus I have setup a paypal account (currently in my name - Mike Wilson) under the e-mail donations@aokp.co. Several of the senior team members have the ID & Password, so you can be assured any donations will go to the team, and not just my pocket.

We will also be working on expanding the donations links on our website (aokp.co) to provide some transparency about any monies we receive.

If you would like to support our efforts, you can do so here: Posted Image

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