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Goo.im routes to IP and not name

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OP PonsAsinorem


The Incredible Kangaroo

Posted 07 January 2013 - 09:37 AM #1

Just a quick question about why Goo.im downloads are routed to an IP and not a name and then translated by DNS somewhere up stream, either on your end or my ISP's. Not sure if that made sense to other people, but it does to me. I'm also trying to ask this question on my "ISP's" end, but they don't have a telephone number that I've found, and the people (rarely) on site don't speak English very well. But they do know how to swipe my debit card, the buggers. Anyways, when trying to download any files from Goo.im, I get this message:

"This is a message from the IT Department.

The web site you are trying to access:*snip*
is listed as a site within the category IPAddress[/b]

Current Internet Access Configuration for you does not allow visiting sites within this category at this time."

Yes, I know this is blocked by my ISP and most users don't have this problem, but I was wondering if there was a chance of this getting changed from an IP to an actual name. Thanks in advance for any response.



Professional Stuff Breaker

Posted 07 January 2013 - 12:44 PM #2

We switched from using DNS because a few former clients had difficulties downloading from our servers.

We've just sorta carried that over since.

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