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Bionic "Non-vzw device"

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OP Xaero252


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Posted 06 January 2013 - 04:57 PM #1

So, this is a new occurence for me, my IMEI and MEID are both correct, and my sim-card works in multiple phones (HTC Imagio, bionic, old moto flip phone) and I get data, including 4g, when available but my phone appears as a "Non-VZW Device" on the My Verizon webpage, and prevents me from making any changes to my account; scratch that - my parent's account that I pay for a line on. They are trying to add my cousin to the account, and this will revoke my unlimited data, which I'm okay with - as long as he's okay with potentially having to wait for me to pay for overages occasionally.
Verizon is trying to override the Device ID right now, since even they can see that its just a Bionic, and even on stock rooted (Safestrap) it shows as a Non-VZW Device. They have me keeping my phone off with the sim out to try and force their side to accept the changes.
What are my options here?
For the curious my phone shows up on Verizon's side as a Generic 4g LTE Modem AND a Generic Basic Phone simultaneously. Both upper level support and myself were under the impression that the Verizon servers obtain device information from a combination of IMEI and MEID information and serial numbers. I hope the current plan works, but if not I'll probably have to FXZ to stock unrooted ICS, which will hopefully ID correctly. Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Edit: The workaround worked; however I still need a fool-proof way of getting VZW side to recognize my Bionic; when I'm up for an upgrade I'd like to ditch this phone, which won't be possible with their network saying I'm not using a Verizon phone...

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