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LG Lucid help?

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OP Xeno Templar

Xeno Templar


Posted 11 November 2012 - 01:24 PM #1

For some reason, the other site I go to says there's an error or something along those lines every time I try to post a new thread.

My Lucid does not turn on, that I know if, when plugged into an outlet the 4 soft key lights just continuously flash once every five seconds, when plugged into the computer via USB the same with the lights flashing & the computer keeps making the sound it makes when you plug in a USB device then one second later it makes the sound that it makes when you remove the device, the first time I plugged it into the computer, the computer popped up a bubble saying "USB Human Interface Device successfully installed & ready to use" & in My Computer nothing comes up, not that it has enough time scan for it, but to no avail nothing comes up on the phone's screen at any point throughout any of those things, I was thinking of just throwing it away but just the fact that there's anything at all going on, being the lights, gives me at least a little hope that I can save it.
Any ideas?
Xeno Templar

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