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Kernel Wakelock issue.

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OP Crystawth


Android Lover

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Posted 01 November 2012 - 04:08 PM #1

I have an old Droid 1 that I let my daughter use for games since it doesn't have service, Recently, it started staying awake and draining the battery quite quickly...

BBS shows that the phone is holding a constant Kernel wakelock of "MMC_Delayed_Work".

Anyone have an idea how i can narrow down what is holding that wakelock?

I know it can't be the rom, because I flashed GPA19 on it months ago. This is a very RECENT issue.

I leave the phone in airplane mode, BT off, Wifi off, GPS off. It is purely a game phone for the little one so she doesn't mess with my my phone.


Device: Samsung Stratosphere II SCH-i415, Device:Samsung Stratosphere SCH-i405

Rom: Stock  Kernel: Stock, Rom: GC1 Tweaked Lite by Dwitherell  Kernel: Stock


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