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List of SK4G ROMS.

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OP apetrok81



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Posted 08 May 2012 - 01:17 PM #1

I am usually a Fassy fan but I just bought the Sidekick 4G for my wife and noticed there wasn't much development on this site. I did some research and was surprised on the availability of roms on other sites. So here is a link to the post I found on Android Evolved (of all places).

Sidekick 4G ROMs

Here is a list and the direct links for the roms as well. (They are all on XDA) And JSYK there are a couple of ICS ROMs.......Just Saying.

Samsung Sidekick 4G Custom Rom List

12/28/2011 - Sensei's SideKick v1.0 Direct Link

12/11/2011 - Light'ning ROM for Samsung Sidekick 4G Direct Link

12/07/2011 - Project Nocturnal™ 1.1.2 Direct Link

11/22/2011 - ICE CREAM SANDWICH v2.0 DOMINATION w/ Voodoo Direct Link

11/19/2011 - Glorious Overdose V2 Direct Link

10/18/2011 - Lite'ning Rom Extreme v3.0 Direct Link

10/17/2011 - Smooth Maximus ROM GingerClone v1 Direct Link

09/12/2011 - Inspire ROM V1.0.0 Direct Link

09/02/2011 -
GingerClone v2 (AospMod) Update2 Direct Link

09/02/2011 - TouchMIUIwiz v3.0 Direct Link

08/15/2011 - Clean Fusion V3 Direct Link

06/29/2011 - Smooth Maximus ROM X Direct Link

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Average Android

Posted 19 October 2012 - 09:15 PM #2

not tryin to be a dbag, but this is one of the worse postings ive ever seen. 1st there is not a single ics or even a Gingerbread rom for the sk, nor from what it seems the past 18mo will we ever even get 2.3....only 1 rom even has ics mentioned in the title and its all themed, no actual ics its stil a 2.2.1 froyo, and the only other rom on the list that mentions ics is the one that says it took some themeing from the rom i just mntioned lol and the real kicker of this post, everyone realizes that every single one of them links were dead from the crackdown early thi year at the time u posted this, and i do mean, every single like that u posted or kanged from someones elses post. so what research did u actually do? agan not tryin to be dbag, but these droid forums are already littered with irrelivant bs an ajd my easily fixable bootloop which they call a hardbrick lmao posts. lets not fill these forums with crap we did no real research on thas not even availible to anyone if they did decide to use it. like i said, at the time this was posted, u could not download 1 single rom from the links and theres no sk roms that are 4.0 based. 4 mouse clicks and u would of known that op. thats all im sayin. step ur game up and happy rooting