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aashrey99RAZR, the Noob friendly guide to the RAZR XT910!

aashrey99RAZR RAZR rooting ROMs guide
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OP Aashrey99


Average Android

Posted 22 March 2012 - 06:24 AM #1

So we all know that experimenting with an android phone isn't easiest thing to do. Its actually pretty darn confusing especially since all the information is mostly never consolidated in one place.

Anyways, I decided to do something about it. Posted Image

I present to you my blog, aashrey99RAZR. It's my attempt at consolidating all that is relevant to the RAZR on XDA. It went public on 1st March, 2012 and its been steadily growing since then. I've got about 5000+ views till now(I have no clue if that's good or bad) and the response from people has mostly been positive.

Currently my blog covers the following topics
  • Reviews
  • Razr Vs. Other popular devices
  • Rooting
  • CWM recovery guide
  • Roms - Original and custom with instructions
  • Mods - only the ones which i think are of actual importance with instructions
  • Battery Optimization guide
  • [NEW] Disaster Recovery Section
  • [NEW] Overclocking/Underclocking guide
  • [NEW] Must Have Apps

To be added
  • FAQs(Before 20th March)
  • Tips and tricks for non-root users(Need help on this one)
  • Must have apps(Before 16th March, hopefully)
  • CDMA ROMs for GSM through GSM patch(once the testing is completed in the thread in the dev forums, these ROMs will be added accordingly)
  • Video Tutorials(June-July)

I'm trying to present everything in an easy and understandable format(hopefully Posted Image).

So please do stop by and have a look @ aashrey99RAZR

Or visit our pages

aashrey99RAZR on Facebook
aashrey99RAZR on Twitter
aashrey99RAZR on Google+ (I haven't put up anything on G+ yet)

Lemme know what you think via PM/this thread/email- aashrey9sharma@gmail.com. Your feedback is valueable to the development and continuation of this project.

This is a new project so help is always welcome! Shoot me a PM if someone is interested! Posted Image

Thanks guys! Cheers! Posted Image

Please do tell me if I did not credit someone properly. Stealing your work was never my intention and I apologize if someone was not credited.
Noobs and starters if you're lost and have no idea of what to do with your RAZR, check out my blog! It has reviews, specs, device comparisions, rooting and modding guides and custom ROMs installation guides.
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