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Us cellular galaxy s ii root

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Android Pants

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Posted 18 June 2013 - 03:35 PM #51

Actually, I don't recommend FL26 at all. I used it for a while and it just feels sloppy. Went back to FK19 because it works better. Have to deal with the exynos exploit though with the exynos abuse app.

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Average Android

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Posted 19 June 2013 - 03:44 PM #52

i have a question i want to root my phone with full access i need it mainly for connecting through bluetooth with ps3 controllers wiimote xbox360 ect i dont know what kernal or rom ect to use i have read how to root but never tried because i have a problem everybody on xda an other websites have only talked about carriers that are list i am on a network carrier called mobi it is only based in hawaii it has no sim cards for there phones it had 2.3 installed stock i installed 4.0.4 stock from us cellular official but offical version does not provide acess to everything i need a step by step guide i dont want to brick my phone because i am on a different carrier not to sure about it any help would be great here is all my phone informationver4.0.4model sch-r760baseband version S:r760.01 k.fl26kernel version 3.0.15-1113489se.infra@sep-135 #3smp preempt wed dec 26 21:33:33:37 kst2012build number imm76d.fl26hardware ver r760.01network is reading us cellular but i am under the carrier mobi it used to show mobi till i updated any help please as detailed as can be so i dont brick the phone i believe i had fl24 before the official update and everything works great on this update i also need root for overclock/underclock... but i guess if it will cause it to be unstable i would rather it be stable and rooted with all access i also should backup a copy of my stock kernel so everything is sure to work but i dont know exactly how to do that ether for this phone i am just a little worried because its a different carrier any help will be great. also gonzo would it be easier for me to go to fl19 to use the exploit if it would be easy and safe i would do that but i dont know how to flash backwards ether

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Android Beginner

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Posted 01 July 2013 - 09:35 AM #53

Will this method work on s2 from alltel. Sch-r760x

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