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[ROM-GB] CyanFUSION v0.4SR-3 [03.25.2012]

HTC Glacier myTouch 4G CyanFUSION GBEP HKM
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Posted 05 November 2012 - 11:15 AM #81

Just switched back to this rom from JB and running 1.8GHz for the first time, these roms are faast. No matter what i do though at 1.804Ghz i can only score 2960-3000 in quadrant. Thats CPU:3538 and I/O:8000.. even without further I/O tweaking shouldnt i get similar CPU results to yours? The hardware and the OC is the same but its not even close to your CPU score 7700 t.t

i get slightly (couple points avg) higher scores with tdj's MIUI DARKSIDEmod at 1.8Ghz, but i still never pass 3000. what gives? I/O hardware is internal so it cant be that yours is just that much faster by itself...

Everything is fully wiped before flash, benches are taken with nothing else running and fresh rom etc..

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Posted 20 November 2012 - 05:45 PM #82

Crusnik Oh Seven - Nano machine 80%: ACTIVATE!!!

Well now that's out of the way, ello theya. First of all far as synthetic benchmarks goes I have covered that extensively in XDA and in many other android forums. So don't pay any mind to the number's as honestly it means nothing.

This CFv0.5SR3 will honestly get lower scores than CFv0.1 due to alot of things changed but however its more optimal than previous versions. Also I don't know why would anyone OC that high and run it on 1.8ghz. I honestly didn't fully optimize it for that high I think I stopped near 1.3-1.5ghz which even default 768mhz - 1024mhz should be enough. The mCPU scale is not the only factor that comes in to play many other things does on android below 2.3 or below as newer android does not even have those to back or tweak.

This should run better than TDJ's as its more tweaked and even using his kernel. I was planning to upgrade CF to v0.5 and I had 3 builds but I never rolled it out as they are obsolete now. I haven't played with ICS nor JB. So I been using this ever since I made it. If I wasn't busy with my biz I would roll newer version out as its more optimal for our device. Hopefully near future... but yes don't worry about benchmark as they mean nothing. I also don't get 4k on CFv0.3SR but I know the internals why and I know for fact its trade of with actual applicable performance vs virtual synthetic benchmarks.

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