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[ROM/KERNEL/RADIO List] The Official Thunderbolt ROM's List v3.0

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OP MyComputerDoctor


Wannabe Developer

Posted 10 June 2011 - 10:22 PM #1

The Official Thunderbolt ROM & Kernel Listings v3.0
Last Updated: September 11th, 2011

[UPDATE] ROM's now listed in Chronological Order! Added BAMF v1.0.2
[Version 3.0 Revised & Maintained By]: MyComputerDoctor
[Originally Created By]: Demolition Man aka DemoManMLS of XDA Developers

[With The Support Of XDA Developers and RootzWiki]

Please read the FAQ before posting questions. I might of already answered your question in the FAQ.

If you have any general questions post them in the Thunderbolt Q&A.

If you have any [ROM/KERNEL/RADIO/RUU] specific question ask in the appropriate thread for that. Please do not post them in the thread for this listing as you are not as likely to get your question answered as quickly as you would in the appropriate thread.


IGingerbread ROM's
A –
Gingerbread AOSP
B – Gingerbread Sense Radios
C Gingerbread Sense 2.1
D Gingerbread Sense 2.1/3.0 Hybrids
E Gingerbread Sense 3.0
F – Gingerbread De-Sensed

IIFroyo ROM's
A –
Froyo Sense
B – Froyo De-Sensed
C – Froyo MR2 Sense Radios
D – Froyo MR2 Sense

IIIMiscellaneous ROM's

IVFroyo Kernels

VGingerbread Kernels
A –
Gingerbread AOSP
B – Gingerbread Sense

VI Radios and RUU's

VII - Recoveries

VIIIThe Graveyard



XThanks and Credits

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OP MyComputerDoctor


Wannabe Developer

Posted 10 June 2011 - 10:22 PM #2


A - Gingerbread AOSP
Gingerbread ROMs based off of AOSP source.

TH3ORYROM meets Cyanogenmod, highly recommended!!!
Developer: DroidTh3ory
Latest Release: v2.0F [9/04/2011]

Info & Download

Cyanogenmod 7

The infamous AOSP based ROM. Currently in testing releases to find and fix bugs. MR2+ radio required.
Developers: Cyanogenmod Team
Latest Release: 7.1.0-RC1.7 MR2+ [8/31/2011]
Info & Downloads
Latest gapps
How To Get 4G To Work

A fast ROM based off of the OMGB collection.
Developer: CPCookieMan
Latest Release: v4.0 [8/28/2011]
Info & Downloads

Developer: shelooga
Latest Release: Updated [8/23/2011]
Info & Download

Vicious MIUI
An port to bring MIUI to the Thunderbolt. RIL in progress.
Developer: DroidVicious
Latest Release: 1.8.19 [8/20/2011]
Info & Download

Liquid Thunderbread
One of the premiere Original Droid ROM development teams joins in on the Gingerbread AOSP ROM scene.
Developer: Team Liquid
Latest Release: 2.5 [7/30/2011]
Info & Download

Straight AOSP flavored ROM with a few modifications.
Developer: t3hh4xx0r
Latest Release: 1.2.1 [7/27/2011]
Info & Download

An work in progress to bring working 4G to Gingerbread AOSP. Only available for Froyo MR1 radio.
Developer: t3hh4xx0r
Latest Release: Nightlies. Check the Info & Download for more info.
Info & Download

B - Gingerbread Sense Radios
All Gingerbread Sense based ROMs can use either of these radio. These also work with Froyo MR2 Sense ROMs.

HTC Thunderbolt Radio List
Latest Release: [08/23/2011]

C - Gingerbread Sense 2.1
Standard stock Sense 2.1 based Gingerbread ROMs.

ThunderStick GENII
Developer: ThunderStick
Latest Release: v2.3.0 [9/05/2011]
Info & Download

[ROM] [LEAK] MULTI Versions 2.11.605.0 RUU (FLASHABLE)
Odex, Deodexed and debloated version available
Developer: DroidTh3ory - Huge Thanks!!!
Latest Release: [8/23/2011]
Info & Download

Simply Stunning
Based on jcase's Gingerjane v1.3, which is 2.01.605.0.
Developer: ChevyNo1
Latest Release: 0.2 Beta [8/16/2011]
Info & Download

Lightning ROM
Lightning ROM goes Gingerbread.
Developer: dhemke17
Latest Releases: 4.3 [8/1/2011]
Info & Download (second post in the thread)

Gingerbread Sense sourced with an AOSP like experience.
Developer: dhemke17
Latest Release: 2.0 [7/25/2011]
Info & Download

Tesla Coil
Another nice ROM based off of 2.01.605.0 leak with AOSP-like elements.
Developer: Retrokid223
Latest Release: RC3 [6/28/2011]
Info & Download

2.01.605.0- Basic Debloat
Stock 2.01.605.0 without the Verizon bloatware.
Developer: dhemke17
Latest Release: v2.1 [6/15/2011]
Info & Download

Blackhole Thunderbolt
Customizable ROM with many features.
Developer: sonofskywalker3
Latest Release: 2.0 [6/8/2011]

Zarboz's continuation of jcase's Gingerjane.
Developer: Zarboz
Latest Release: [06/02/2011]
Info & Download

Vanilla Bean
Sense 2.1 reduced ROM designed to look like AOSP.
Developer: dhemke17
Latest Release: v1.3.1 [5/28/2011]
Info & Download

Stock deodexed 2.01.605.0 with Superuser and Busybox included.
Developer: jcase
Latest Release: 1.3 [5/19/2011]
Info & Download

D - Gingerbread Sense 2.1/3.0 Hybrid
Sense 2.1 based Gingerbread ROMs with elements of Sense 3.0 injected.

Developer: DroidTh3ory
Latest version: v1.4F [9/04/2011]
Info & Download

Gingeritis GTX
A nice themed and modified Gingeritis base.
Developer: mcluvn
Latest version: v1.3 [9/2/2011]
Info & Download

A solid, fast ROM with ton's of customization options.
Developer: chingy51o
Latest version: v1.3 [8/24/2011]
Info & Download

Gingeritis 3D Beta
Do you have Gingeritis? Another classic from the Gingeritis Collection.
Developer: chingy51o
Latest version: v1.0 Beta VIII [8/24/2011]
Info & Download

A nice blue themed Gingerbread Sense ROM.
Developer: ThunderStick
Latest Release: 1.5.8 [8/22/2011]
Info & Download

BAMF 2.4.1 | 2.11.605.0
A side Project from Adrynalyne of the BAMF Team
Developer: Adrynalyne
Latest version: 2.4.1 [8/21/2011]
Info & Download

SkyRaider Zeus
A Sense 2.1 Hybrid with Unique modifications.
Developer: ihtf69
Latest version: Preview [8/07/2011]

Info & Download

A perfect blend of AOSP, GingerBread, and 3.0 Kingdom.
Developer: DroidTh3ory
Latest Release: 39 [8/2/2011]
Info & Download

Liquid Gingersense
One of the premiere Original Droid ROM development teams joins in on the Gingerbread Sense ROM scene.
Developer: Team Liquid
Latest Release: 1.5 [7/22/2011]
Info & Download

An work in progress to bring Kingdom Rosie widgets to the Thunderbolt.
Developer: Zarboz
Latest Release: KingZboltA0.0.1 [6/4/2011]
Info & Download

E - Gingerbread Sense 3.0
Full on Sense 3.0 Gingerbread ROMs.

BAMF Forever
2.11.605.0 Full Sense 3.0 from Team BAMF
Developer: Team BAMF
Latest Release: v1.0.2 [9/11/2011]
Info & Download

A very fast ROM with tons of customization available.
Developer: Virus
Latest Release: 2.3.4
Info & Download

Read here on how to install correctly

F - Gingerbread De-Sensed
Sense stripped out of the Gingerbread ROMs.

A great ROM based off of the TH3ORY ROM collection.
Developer: xpack90
Latest Release: v2.0 [9/06/2011]
Info & Download

II –

A - Froyo Sense
Stock ROMs with enhanced elements and improved performance.

2.10.605.1 Debloat|Deodex|Rooted|Busybox|Zipalign
Developer: adrynalyne
Latest Release: [8/19/2011]
Info & Download

Cubed ROM
A nicely themed Sense experience.
Developer: dsb9938
Latest Release: 1.2.3 [6/6/2011]
Info & Download

Rooted. Deodexed. Zipaligned. 1.13.605.7 Base. Stable. Fast.
Developer: lllboredlll based off of adrynalyne's base.
Latest Release: 1.0 Final [5/26/2011]
Info & Download

Liquid Thundersense
One of the premiere Original Droid ROM development teams has come to Thunderbolt!
Developer: Team Liquid
Latest Release: 1.5 [5/22/2011]
Info & Download

Plain Jane
Stock deodexed 1.13.605.7 with Superuser and Busybox included.
Developer: jcase
Latest Release: 1.13.605.7 [aka MR1, OTA, v2] [5/15/2011]
Info & Download

Deodox, Root, De-Bloat, Zip aligned, based on 605.7
Another Deodex ROM with minor themeing done.
Developer: shelooga
Latest Release: [5/09/2011]
Info & Download

1.13.605.7 Basic DeBloat
The latest stock ROM build debloated. Available with both a standard version and DeOdex (ready to be themed) version.
Developer: jcase/andIRC [Leaked RUU], Master™ [DeBloating]
Latest Release: [4/28/2011]
Standard Verison Info & Download
DeOdex Version Info & Download

Twisted Sense
Sense has been given a Twisted remix.
Developer: Hedney3
Latest Release: 1.5.1 [4/25/2011]
Info & Download

Lightning ROM
A nice ROM with several color themes.
Developer: dhemke17
Latest Releases: Lightning 3.3.1 [4/24/2011]
Info & Download

B - Froyo De-Sensed
Stock ROM with the Sense elements stripped out.

Vanilla Bean
An Sense reduced ROM designed to look like stock Froyo.
Developer: dhemke17
Latest Release: 1.3.1 [5/28/2011]
Info & Download

Customizable ROM with many features.
Developer: Sonofskywalker3
Latest Release: 1.1 [5/7/2011]

Smooth ROM with customization enabled.
Developer: SDracis
Latest Release: 1.01 [5/2/2011]
Info & Download

Tesla Coil
High customized ROM with tons of features. Highly recommended.
Developer: KEJAR31, IMOSEYON
Contributers: MIKEYINID, DROD2169
Latest Release: Version 1.7.1 [4/21/2011]
Info & Download

A nice de-Sense'd ROM with some Vanilla apps.
Developer: photonmedia
Latest Release: 1.2 [4/20/2011]
Info & Download

C - Froyo MR2 Sense Radios
All Froyo MR2 Sense based ROMs can use either of these radio. These also work with Gingerbread Sense ROMs.

Latest HTC Thunderbolt Radios Listing

As of right now no kernels work with the Froyo MR2 ROMs.

D - Froyo MR2 Sense

Team GTP Eaton ROM
Designed for performance and battery life.
Developer: Team GTP
Latest Release: 1.7 [7/11/11]
Info & Download

Official 1.70.605.0 MR2 OTA Deodexed Rooted Busybox
Based off the newly released Froyo Sense OTA update.
Developer: Retrokid223
Info & Download

Official 1.70.605.0 MR2 OTA Deodexed Rooted Busybox Debloated
Based off the newly released Froyo Sense OTA update.... debloated.
Developer: mikalem based off of Retrokid223
Info & Download


BackTrack 5 Security Distro
Security distro of Ubuntu.
Info & Download

Ubuntu On Thunderbolt
An step by step guide to get Ubuntu Linux working on your Thunderbolt.
Info & Downloads

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OP MyComputerDoctor


Wannabe Developer

Posted 10 June 2011 - 10:23 PM #3

Posted Image
IV –

1.12.605.9 kernel with adb root
Stock kernel except that adb root is permanent.

Adrynalyne's Kernels
One thread covering the latest and greatest Adrynalyne's kernels. Updated almost every day.

DrodSpeed- version 1.6 [4/12/2011]

Imoseyon's Sense leankernel
Six different kernels available ranging from a safe undervolted 1.1GHz one to a very feisty 1.92GHz one.

richardtrip's 1.76ghz kernel
Goes up to 1.76ghz with plenty of voltage options.

ProTekk's Battery Sipper [Beta 5]
Based on Adrynalyne's Git but more relaxed on battery consumption.

utkanos Sense kernels
Three different kernels that offer better battery life.


A - Gingerbread AOSP Kernels
*Note: These do not work with Gingerbread Sense*

jdkernel Mecha Nightlies
This kernel is a lean and minimal kernel for the Thunderbolt. Updates are Daily.

drod2169's Kang Bang!
A nice looking kernel for Gingerbread AOSP.

DrodSpeed- [4/25/2011]
An early build but showing promise already.

Imoseyon's CM7 leankernel v3.5.1
Two different versions available for Imoseyon's minimalistic kernel.

nerozehl's dreamKernel
Based on Imoseyon's kernel with some nice enhancements.

Tiamat's 1.1.2 |
AOSP Kernels for HTC's 8x50 and 7x30 Devices

utkanos CM7 kernels
Three different kernels that offer better battery life.

B - Gingerbread Sense Kernels

Imoseyon's Gingerbread Sense leankernel v3.6.0
Two different versions available for Imoseyon's minimalistic kernel.

nerozehl's dreamKernel
Based on Imoseyon's kernel with some nice enhancements.


HTC Thunderbolt Radios

adrynalyne's Obligatory Radio Thread

jcase's Mecha RUU & OTA's Listing

MR2 & MR2.5 Radio

Here is a list of all available recoveries for the Thunderbolt

[RECOVERY] ClockworkMod

From the maker of ROM Manager, Clockwork Recovery is the Standard Recovery for today's Modification packages.
Developer: Koush


[UNOFFICIAL] TeamWin Recovery
Alternative recovery for the Thunderbolt, still working out the kinks but pretty stable and a great alternative!
Developer: rbox

Here is a listing of ROMs/kernels that are no longer being developed and/or heavily out of date. Proceed
with caution if you intend to use these as more then likely there won't be much support (if any) for these.
If any of these ROMs/kernels gets started up again I will put them back in their proper listings.

Froyo Sense Based

1.12.605.6 Deodexed
Stock ROM deodorized for your theming pleasure.
Developer: ikithme
Debloat Download
Bloated Download

AOSP-Flavored Nonsense
An AOSP like experience for the Thunderbolt.
Developer: jt1134
Latest Release: V2 [3/27/2011]

Basic Debloat
One of the first ROMs released. Very basic with most of the bloat removed except the HTC stuff.
Developer: adrynalyne
Info & Download

Its Sense given a nice dash of boLTEd Lightning.
Developer: b16a2smith, drod2169, and bgill55
Latest Release: v0.35 [4/3/2011]
Info & Download

Matted Sense with many nice features.
Developer: sk806
Latest Release: 1.0 [4/9/2011]
Info & Download

Froyo Non-AOSP Based

The MIUIrom [WIP] [RIL]
An work in progress port of MIUI to Thunderbolt. Not for daily use.
Developer: CPCookieMan
Latest Version: V4 [4/17/2011]
Info & Download

Gingerbread AOSP Based

In call fixed on CM7 Pre-Alpha test 2.
Developers: Cyanogenmod Team & mrweeee
Info & Download

Gingerbread Sense Based

DoubleShot Port [Sense 3.0, Android 2.3.3] [WIP]
InfoA work in progress to bring Sense to Gingerbread. Not for daily use.

Developers: r2DoesInc
Latest Release: Build 1 [4/28/2011]

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OP MyComputerDoctor


Wannabe Developer

Posted 10 June 2011 - 10:23 PM #4

Posted Image
September 2011

[09/04/2011] Introduced the Official Thunderbolt ROM & Kernel Listing v3.0, Updated Tiamat 1.1.2, Updated Imoseyon leanKernel v3.6.0, Added ClockworkMod Recovery
[09/05/2011] Updated SHIFTAO5P v2.0F, Updated SHIFTS3N3E v1.4F

Q: How do I get my ROM/kernel listed on here?
A: Your ROM/kernel must meet all the requirements to be listed on RootzWiki. Along with that it must be listed on RootzWiki in the proper Thunderbolt Development area with the latest release listed in the title of the thread so I can easily know when a new version is released. Finally you must properly credit anyone else's work. I will not tolerate listing any ROMs/kernels that kang from other developers and not give proper credit where its due.

Q: How can I submit info for my ROM?
A: Just private message me here with any info you want me to include with your ROM infos such as developer credits, potential chat room for discussion for said ROM, and other infos you would find of use to the listing. Also if you want me to update any info about your ROM you can private message that to me as well.

Q: Okay I got questions to ask about ROMs such as which is the best one to use... where can I get answers?
A: The best place I recommend is to post in the Thunderbolt Q&A area. Be sure to click on the "Yes, this is a Question" option as well when putting together your post asking your important question.

Q: AOSP? CyanogenMod? Debloat? RUU? What does all this gibber talk mean?
A: The Thunderbolt Root User's Dictonary maintained by MattBeyers does a great job at explaining all of this.

Q: What happened to KDKobes ROMs?
A: Due to KDKobes kanging from other developers I am no longer listing those ROMs.


Demolition Man would like to Thank ....

First and foremost thanks to all the developers for all the hard work that has been put into all the amazing work. With you developers we would have none of the amazing ROMs, kernels... let alone this listing wouldn't exist.

Thanks to both XDA for letting me start this listing, Ryanmo5 for
helping out, and MyComputerDoctor for taking over running the listing.

Thanks to the numerous contributions from members on both forums including some great feedback which has help make this listing even better. I might not have said you by name but you know who you are. Trust me I'm very thankful for all your feedback.

Thanks to Blizzard for creating the worst crack ever... World Of Warcraft. Thanks to Major League Soccer. Thanks to the city of Pawnee, IN especially their Parks And Recreations department. Thanks to Mountain Dew Throwback for giving me some fuel when updating the listing. Thanks to Ring Of Honor. Thanks to both the New England Patriots and Minnesota Vikings.

And thank you all XDA and Droid Forum members for all the support!

MyComputerDoctor would like to Thank ....

I would like to start off by thanking Google for creating such a unique Operating System. One that grants technology lovers like us the opportunity to modify and create a "personal" user interface.

Obviously, without the Developers, a list like this would not ever exist. All your tireless work does not go in vain. Thanks.

Demolition Man, I have been using your list since the day I received my Thunderbolt in the mail. Your database was my source for up-to-date information in regards to Thunderbolt Modification.

If you enjoy using this list as much as I did, please let me know and hit the "Thanks" button. Happy Flashing......

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Android Apprentice

  • 28 posts

Posted 06 July 2011 - 08:58 AM #5

Great thread! Just got my Bolt today and it is so nice to have all this info in one spot. Thanks a lot.




Posted 07 July 2011 - 02:10 PM #6

Gingeritis ans Perfect Storm links changed, no longer on XDA, and can be found here http://www.themikmik...forum.php?f=271



Android Beginner

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Posted 13 July 2011 - 07:47 AM #7

Someone is probably already working on this but the Gingerbread Das BAMF Sense 3.0 link needs to be changed.

OP MyComputerDoctor


Wannabe Developer

Posted 17 July 2011 - 12:16 PM #8

SynergyROM Nighties
I have been Modifying my Android Phone's since the Orig. Droid and it seems
that every ROM has it's really annoying quark that just gets to you.. Well, since
I have been running SynergyROM since last week, I have had no real issues to
speak of, and I have to admit, this is the very best ROM I have had on my Thunderbolt
to date, and I have run every ROM in this list above plus a ton of older Froyo
Releases. I'm excited to see whats next from these guys!
I honestly cannot speak of any at this time.
It would be nice to see some more MOD's for this ROM.



Android Apprentice

Posted 18 July 2011 - 01:55 AM #9

Das Bamf 3.0 RC 4.9
What's not to like about the rom? The support base is amazing (I know, not per the ROM, but the users) The overall design and layout. If you were turned off by HTC's Sense, Team BAMF will rekindle that fire. Their toolkit is impressive and makes making system changes pretty painless.
*Things that are out of Devs hands* (Like lag camera) I wish they'd implement the DasBamf Toolkit into the full settings similar to OMFGB did on the DInc (haven't used OMFGB on TB)
If you want to try some of the GB RCs, I can't stress how important a full wipe 3x is. Though, yes you can just load it on top of the old RC, you may have lingering bugs.

Also, use MyBackUp Pro/ MyBackUp Root to do restores. Saves Homescreens too. (Widgets will fail, but shortcuts usually go through fine)

Got any questions? Shoot me a text by scanning my Avatar with your QR Code Scanner

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*Feature Phones* LG VX10000 "Voyager" > LG VX11000 "enV Touch" >

*Smart Phones* HTC ADR6300 "SLCD Droid Incredible" (Black Friday 2010) > HTC ADR6400 "Thunderbolt" (Release Day 2011) >

Samsung SCH-I535 "GalaxyS III" (September 2012) > Samsung SCH-I605 "Galaxy Note II" (January 2013)



Android Apprentice

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Posted 18 July 2011 - 09:00 AM #10

Will you be adding Froyo ROMs to this list?