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AOSP build with no Baseband-(Cdma Galaxy Nexus)

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Posted 12 January 2013 - 03:10 PM #141

I think I made some progress on the issue. I have been using my Mac to build the source in native OS X environment. I removed MacPorts and installed Homebrew instead. I searched on the net for similar issues others had come across. It appeared to be related to broken symbolic links between used/gsed. Here's a link to that info:


After switching to Homebrew, I had no problems building a stock ROM. I did run into a problem when I tried generating certificates for using Superuser. Every time I executed the command development/tools/make_security..., I would get an error message and the keys would not be generated. I wonder if this is related to problems with openssl.

I built a VM on my older Mac with Ubuntu 12.0.04. Everything works fine. I am curious how to resolve the problem on my newer Mac. That machine is running openssl 0.98r.

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