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backup GS4g

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OP Kotton


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Posted 24 December 2011 - 04:13 AM #1

I want to backup my GS4g Froyo and it's stock, out of box condition before updating to 236 - so according to googlejerkn, I rooted with SOC, as per this tutorial


and now I'm trying to install http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1099374 (CWM Final) - but it tells me to "and use root explorer or adb push the file to /system/bin"

not understanding wtf that means, I read a little further in the post and it says "I have sent this to Koush as well to have it added to Rom Manager."

so I go to market and DL Rom Manager in hopes I can install from there and create a backup.. but it's nowhere to be found - where did it go?

how do I find it? ..I mean seriously, is gaining knowledge of operating an Android phone supposed to be this evasive, vague and loopy ffs? :/
every documentation I read assumes that the reader has knowledge of what it is they're talking about, and there's 50 ways and 'apps' to do it with

so can someone here please help me cut thru this bureaucratic BS..

all I want to do is make a full backup of my 'out of box' Froyo, update it to stock 236, make another backup, flash it to Valhalla black 236, make another backup, ect