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"An Open Forum for Open Minds"
As founders of RootzWiki Forum, we believe that every user deserves to be treated with respect.
Thus, to keep a safe and friendly environment, we have established some ground rules for using the site.

I. Posting and editing of content on RootzWiki.com
  • We treat the members here as family, and expect you to do the same. While foul and profane speech (aka “swearing”) may be removed at the discretion of our editors, foul images will NEVER be accepted under any circumstances. Your offending post(s) will be removed, and should the violations persist, you will be removed as well.
  • Racist, sexist, homophobic, or any other form of derogatory or hateful speech will be removed. We maintain a zero-tolerance policy for such inappropriate content. Anyone posting content such as this will be eligible for immediate removal from the forums.
  • The forums have been organized by topic. Grossly off-topic, disruptive, “trolling”, harrassing, and “marketing”/spam posts will also be removed or edited at the discretion of the Site Staff.
  • Keep in mind that your participation is a privilege and not an entitlement.Our goal in providing a “fully open forum” must be balanced with our desire to have a valuable online resource for our visitors.
II. Rooting materials and other content
  • RootzWiki will not provide a platform for the advertising, promotion, or advocacy of distributing illegal content including “warez”, paid market applications (without developer consent), or any other form of software piracy or illegal activity. Offering applications already available in the Android Market or via other distribution channels is discouraged unless you are the developer or other copyright holder and entitled to such distribution. If you wish to encourage a reader to download software, we suggest you post links to the corresponding market Web Page as this allows developers to get proper feedback for their app.
    There does appear to be a legal “grey area” with respect to some files, such as “proprietary” binary blobs that may or may not be licensed for distribution. As we are not legal professionals, our policy regarding such files is to err on the side of caution-- thus we ask that you do not directly link to such files or offer them as attachments. Instead, treat them as you would any other software referred to in the previous paragraph.
  • Do not post any content that would be considered illegal under the federal laws of the United States or local laws in the state of California.
  • Regarding the legality of "Rooting" or "jail-breaking" devices, we support this practice only within the context by which it has been determined to be legal and legitimate by the US Congress and FCC.You may wish to consult with the United States Digital Millenium Copyright Act of 1998, specifically the section referencing “Exemption to Prohibition on Circumvention of Copyright Protection Systems for Access Control Technologies. It states in Section 201.40 – 2 Exemption to prohibition against circumvention, “Computer programs that enable wireless telephone handsets to execute software applications, where circumvention is accomplished for the sole purpose of enabling interoperability of such applications, when they have been lawfully obtained, with computer programs on the telephone handset.” Also, you may wish to consult with the FCC’s decision regarding “jailbreaking” devices.
    Be sure to check your country’s statutes if accessing RootzWiki.com from outside the United States.
III. Special Tags and Titles
  • At RootzWiki, some users have been assigned special status that reflects their backgrounds, experience, or expertise in certain areas. These users’ posts are deliniated via badges, or tags, which identify them as being specialists.

    Developers: Developers are typically programmers who have made contributions in the past, frequently to many projects. Some developers are professional software engineers. However, many are hobbyists or part-timers. When you see the “developer” tag, RootzWiki has determined that this person generally knows what they’re talking about and can be seen as an authority in software development. We encourage Developers to join us-- just fill the form out on the front page to let us know your background, and some of the projects with which you’ve been involved. If you do not hear a response within the first 48 hours, we are still reviewing your work and/or waiting for more work to come through.

    Graphics Guru: A “Graphics Guru” is typically a visual artist known for their creativity, professionalism, and style. These are designers and graphic artists who are adept at creating everything from boot animations to icons to fonts to wallpaper collections. We identify these users by the quality of work they post and their willinginess to assist others in our community.

    Themers: Themers, like Graphic Gurus, work to adapt a user’s visual experience and their interaction with their devices. But whereas the Graphics Guru may focus on individual graphical elements, the themer brings these elements together into a singular interface. Themers are usually technically savvy and may be artists as well. They manipulate a device framework file-- and may even do some development to create an original interactive experience. We encourage users and Themers alike to create themes from scratch rather than simply use pre-fabricated “online kitchens”.
IV. Language
  • We ask that you use the English language on this site whenever possible. If you do not speak English, we assume you are using a translation service to read these rules. In that case, you may post your message in your native language. However, we do ask that you use a translator, such as Google Translator, to translate your message to English, then post the translation below your original post.
  • Should you post in a language other than English, you may receive a gentle reminder to translate your message so others can understand it. Again, we respect speakers of all languages, but for practical reasons have selected English to be the default.
V. Do not spam or sell products / Outsourcing Rules
  • Unsolicited advertisements in forum posts will be removed from the site and the poster will have their accounts suspended. If you wish to advertise with RootzWiki, contact staff@rootzwiki.com . Similarly, do not post on RootzWiki.com with the sole intent of selling a product or service, unless such intentions have been approved by the administrators of the site. Attempts to sell or advertise a product or service will be treated as spam, and your account may be suspended.
  • “Spamming” does not solely refer to a bot or advertiser trying to sell their fabulous products; spamming can be a user posting nonsense, gibberish, or pointless posts repeatedly. This offense is grounds for account suspension or cancellation at the Administrators’ discretion. We do tend to start with a 2-day suspension, but if the offense is egregious, an inappropriate post can lead to a permanent ban on the first offense.
  • "Outsourcing" is permitted to an extent of moderator or administrator discretion. Linking to a site that requires registration or purchasing of a status to receive a download or file. This kind of attitude and action is not looked upon lightly by staff.
    Posting outsourcing links everywhere is considered spamming and will more than likely lead to ban. Here is a list of some bannable offenses, but not limited to just these:
    • Recruiting developers and users, if you see this kind of action please report it, while we understand people like finding team mates, do it publicly for it looks legitimate.
    • Requiring a donation for a product, it isn't a donation if you require it.
    • Posting threads that contain no actual content. Example: Posting mods/threads with false links to downloads, pictures, etc. While we believe in sharing and being open, we find it a hinderance to the user. Feel free to link to other sites, don't bother if all hyperlinks reroute to the same place, its annoying and counterproductive.

VI. PayPal and Donation Abuse

  1. Solicitation for donations is a very tricky area, and what is considered appropriate will ultimately be determined on a case-by-case basis by the Administrators. Donations are a legitimate way for people to express their appreciation for your work or contribution to a project. HOWEVER-- this is not an invitation to make minimal changes to someone else’s project and then represent it as your work and ask for donations. For example-- Administrators frown on those who merely compile a project or simply rebrand a project and then put out their “donation sign”. Such parasitic behavior falls under the category of “kanging” and is explored more thoroughly in the next section. In short, you may provide information about making donations, but if you have not made substantive contributions to whatever it is you are soliciting for, your post may be deleted at the Administrators’ sole discretion.
  2. Abuse of donation buttons. It is hard to describe abuse but “we know it when we see it.” Having more donation buttons than screenshots for a ROM/Kernel/Modification is considered abuse. This is a offense punishable by suspension or worse. The first offense is generally considered a warning. When contacted, you better revise your offending post.
  3. If you see a Donate button underneath the Developer’s/Themers/Graphic Guru’s etc. user information it means we have approved the user to place a “Donate” button without having to place it in every post. We understand your hard work is very important and you deserve more than just thanks, but we believe open source development does not revolve around donations.

    Remember, if you do use a donate button, use it responsibly. We’re watching you.

VII. Using other people's work (Stealing/”Kanging”)

  1. If the site staff suspects you are offering images, source code, software, or any other content that is improperly licensed for redistribution, we will contact you to ensure you do have the rights to post and share the work. If you do not reply quickly and comply with our requests, we will remove and/or edit your offending thread(s) and post(s) regarding the work of others.

    [Example] While not all Android components are open source, some ROMs are edited at a low-level of de-compiled Java code known as “Smali” and still resembles the Operating System/Version the phone came with. We promote developer’s share their work with others trying to learn how to develop in either a kitchen or by building from source. While we encourage developers to share, they are not required to share, for the Mantra here is “An Open Forum for Open Minds”.
  2. “Kanging” - Stealing others work and not giving credit is considered Kanging. Kanging is not necessarily a legal offense, but it is a social faux pas in our community.
  3. Acknowledgement -- Even if you legally take someone’s source code, modify it, and offer the result in the forums, you MUST as a courtesy and in compliance with our rules acknowledge the extent of your contribution as well as the original source. For example, if you have re-themed the Cyanogenmod software, you are expected to say as much: “This is CM7 with a new theme.”
  4. We respect and enforce all software distribution licenses such as the GPL and Apache license which specify under what specific conditions software and source code may (or must) be shared. It is incumbent on you to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of any license which you are using.

VIII. Harassment, Trolling and Entitlement

  1. Harassment is on a ZERO TOLERANCE policy. Any form of harassment whether sexual, racial, gender, religious or anything pertaining to personal belief, this is an Android forum not a debate stage.
  2. Trolling is also on a ZERO TOLERANCE policy. Trolling is used to get a personal and emotional response from someone else. In other words, remember RootzWiki is an open forum and you are welcome to leave if you cannot treat others with respect.
  3. Nobody here at RootzWiki is entitled to anything but a great experience brought to you by staff and other users. If you feel you are entitled to something from another user, feel free to leave. Once again this forum is open.
  4. Drama being introduced by obvious statements will be considered spamming and trolling, quality of life here is a key goal here and we intend to keep it that way. RootzWiki is not your soapbox, it is a forum and not one of debating.

IX. Owners and Operator rights

  1. RootzWiki.com and all sub-domains are hosted and maintained by a helpful and fair staff. If you have any concerns or feedback about content on the RootzWiki network, please email us at Staff@rootzwiki.com. We are not responsible for the content posted other users, and we abide by federal laws of the United States and state laws of California concerning inappropriate or untoward content posted on RootzWiki.com. We also strive to use our own discretion to moderate content to keep the forum as an appropriate environment for all visitors.
  2. Although the administrators and moderators of RootzWiki.com attempt to keep grossly objectionable messages off this site, understand it is impossible for us to review all content. All postings are the sole responsibility of their author(s), and neither the owners of RootzWiki.com nor Invision Power Services, Inc shall be held responsible for content posted, offered, or linked to by a third party.
  3. By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise in violation of any laws. You also consent and agree to abide by the rules described above.
  4. At the discretion of the RootzWiki.com owners, we reserve the right to act to prevent or reduce any potentially volatile situations, which would not be beneficial for users or the site. For example, we may moderate, edit, or delete threads containing "flaming" or "trolling", or extreme profanity as described in the rules above. We reserve the rights to modify these rules at any time, for any reason.