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Google Looking to Buy NFL Sunday Ticket Rights

Do you subscribe to the NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV? Are you aware that the contract between DirecTV and the NFL is coming to an end after the 2014 season? Would you like to see Sunday Ticket come to one of Google’s services? If you answered yes, then you have the same opinion as Google, who are allegedly having talks with the NFL to buy the rights to Sunday Ticket.

Google Keep Finally Adds Reminders

In an unapologetic move on Wednesday, Google blatantly copied the reminder feature from most note taking applications and added it to Google Keep. The application previously did not have an easy way to set reminders, and for most, worked as a dumping ground for storing mental notes. With the update comes the option to snooze alerts and more, bringing this application well into the 2010's.

A brief hands-on with Koush's AirCast app

If you're an Android fan, then you've most likely heard of a developer named Koush (Koushik Dutta). He is most recognized for being a lead developer for CyanogenMod, ClockwordMod Recovery and his application backup app, Helium. He's been hard at work on a new app called AirCast, which let's you stream your personal videos, straight to your television via Chromecast.

Paranoid Android quickly jumps to 3.98

The developers that work on the popular tablet/phone hybrid Paranoid Android Rom announced the release of version 3.98 Tuesday, just days after the bump to 3.97. As they rapidly inch towards their 4.0 release they bring a handful of enhancements to almost 30 devices.

Google Maps Update Soon to Waze Hi

In a blog post on Thursday, Google made the reasoning of their purchase of Waze abundantly clear. To no surprise, traffic alerts that come from Waze users will start to push into Google Maps giving them a real-time advantage over competitors. Waze in turn will be receiving search functionality along with Street View.

YouTube gets bumped to 5.0 with a major facelift

The YouTube app for Android has made a slow but steady evolution. It is far and away different from the original stand alone application that was first released two years ago. The application now features a card interface, multitasking (PIP), improved toggles, and a crisper all around user experience. Here's our first look at version 5.

CyanogenMod introduces Accounts, aims to give you better device security

In an effort to offer a more secure alternative to Google's Android Device Manager, CyanogenMod has revealed that they are working on an end-to-end encrypted service to both find your misplaced phone, and, if necessary, wipe your lost or stolen phone (including SD card data). The new service will be optional for any users of CyanogenMod, but will focus heavily on security for the users who do sign up.