Verizon’s SGS3 Unlocked Thanks to Leaked Unsecured Bootloader

It has been an ongoing battle between consumers and Verizon when it comes to locked bootloaders. The Samsung Galaxy S3 was no exception, once released developers announced that the device’s Bootloader was indeed locked. Samsung’s solution to the issue was to provide a Developer Edition of the Samsung Galaxy S 3 for Verizon, which includes a simple solution to unlock the bootloader. That assured the possibility for developer support for the SGS3 on the largest network in the USA.

If you own the Samsung Galaxy S3 on Verizon, a work around as been released on XDA. There is a tool now to unlock your Bootloader, which was made possible via a leaked unsecured Bootloader (leaked by: African-Canadian Sock Monkey). Get ready to enjoy some custom ROMs, mods, themes, and more.

Disclaimer: RootzWiki is not liable or responsible for any harm you may cause to your device by unlocking or rooting. Proceed at your own risk.

I you are interested still please be sure to understand that if you successfully get through the process never accept a factory update as it may result in a bricked device. You can go HERE to download the tool and directions as to how to unlock your Verizon SGS3. After everything comes out 100% and you have an unlocked Bootloader and root, you can head over to our Verizon SGS3 Forum for custom ROMs and development.]]>

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