Verizon’s latest Galaxy S4 patch rooted again, still no custom recovery or bootloader unlock

The perpetual cat-and-mouse game between the Big Two U.S. carriers and the development community has entered its latest round now that a root method has been posted for Verizon’s latest VRUAME7 update, which had patched the vulnerabilities exploited by Loki. Unfortunately, you still can’t install a custom recovery, which means you’re still stuck on the stock ROM. Still, if you use apps that require root access (Titanium Backup comes to mind) you’ll likely find this method useful.

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Ever since Verizon patched the vulnerabilities Loki had exploited to give you bootloader unlock, root and the ability to flash custom recoveries, there has been an ever-increasing bounty for a new bootloader unlock and root method, which now stands at $2,780 for full root and recovery and $3,820 for bootloader unlock. Since this latest root method does not allow you to flash a custom recovery, the bounty remains unclaimed.

Although the efforts of XDA members DooMLoRD and PWM978 et al. have not yet allowed you to flash recoveries, kernels or ROMs, they have resulted in a rather simple method for rooting your Verizon Galaxy S4. If you’re familiar with Android Terminal Emulator and have a spare MicroSD card you’re good to go. You’ll need to format your MicroSD card as exFAT (FAT32 will result in permissions errors) and store the required files in the root directory of that card. Then you are given three commands to enter into your Android Terminal Emulator in order to gain root access to your device. The full instructions and the required files can be found in this thread.

If you got your Verizon Galaxy S4 after the VRUAME7 update dropped on July 9 or if you accepted the OTA update, you’ll still need to hold out hope that the bootloader gets unlocked and that you’ll be able to flash custom recoveries soon if you want to install custom ROMs and kernels on your device.]]>

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