Verizon Screen Shot Leak Shows HTC Thunderbolt Scheduled to Receive Update on May 10th

According to leaked screen shots published on Droid Life, HTC Thunderbolt Owners are slated to get a software update on May 10th. Unfortunately for Thunderbolt owners, this update was not listed with the leaked screen shots which show the Android devices which are receiving an Android 4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) update. This probably means that this update is a final version of the Gingerbread maintenance update, which was leaked last week on Android Police.

The leak is Build 2.11.605.19 (Gingerbread) and came complete with updated 3G and 4G LTE radios. The leaked 2.11.605.19 update is an HTC Sense 2.1 build. The leak and custom ROMs which have been developed from it can be found on RootzWiki’s HTC Thunderbolt Development Forum.

Even though HTC has announced that it will upgrade the Thunderbolt to ICS, there has been no word on when that upgrade will happen and given that the Thunderbolt is an older phone – updating the Thunderbolt is probably not a high priority for HTC.

ROM development has slowed considerably for the HTC Thunderbolt due to the fact that there isn’t much more that can be done with the Thunderbolt’s current Gingerbread builds.

The Thunderbolt’s unique RIL has made it impossible for ROM developers who are looking to develop and port Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs to do so and have working mobile data. The RIL has been a thorn in the side of developers trying to bring non-Sense ROMs to the Thunderbolt.

According to Android Police, the leaked build features the following upgrades and fixes:


  • CMAS (Commercial Mobile Alert System) support added
  • IPv6 over eHRPD
  • Issues Resolved
  • Mobile Hotspot disconnecting
  • Previous state ID being displayed on incoming call
  • Viewing Yahoo email with mail app – body of message disappears
  • Support for Cisco Any Connect VPN
  • VZNav version updated (
  • Volume adjusted when in HAC mode
  • URL for VVM updated
  • Birthday mismatch while adding birthday and saving to contacts BUA+ updates
  • Device stability resets
  • Retry for abnormal picture download for Facebook.

The Thunderbolt Forum here at Rootzwiki has several versions of Build 2.11.605.19 which have been rooted and ROMed:

  • A stock rooted/Deodexed ROM was posted on the Rootzwiki forum by Nickxxsfk.
  • GingerBreadRock by Jrocker23. GingerBreadRock comes in two versions: GingerBreadRock Version 3.2, which is the full ROM, that is just rooted and GingerBreadRock Version 3.3, which is rooted, deodexed, and debloated.
  • iKReaM.605.19.ROM .v1.0. by R3Ds
  • KillaSense 3.7.19 by orkillakilla

HTC Thunderbolt owners are hoping this will be the last Gingerbread update before the Thunderbolt’s ICS release.]]>

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