New Verizon Moto X root method available, works even on first OTA

If you’ve been following the Moto X news, you might have noticed that Verizon’s variant once again lagged behind other carriers in getting the camera fix OTA. As it turns out, Verizon threw a little something extra into that update – a patch for the PwnMyMoto root exploit developed by RootzWiki member jcase. In the latest round of cat-and-mouse between carriers and the root community, jcase posted another Verizon Moto X root method called RockMyMoto which works even if you installed the camera fix OTA.

Rooting your Verizon Moto X with this method is not for the faint of heart. You’ll need to follow a rather complex set of instructions and you’ll need to have adb and installed on your PC and know how to use it. Also, you’ll have to know how to use telnet. I won’t copy all of the instructions from the thread, but the highlights include the following:

  • Install a program called Cydia Impactor (download link in the thread).
  • Find your phone’s IP address using adb
  • Use adb to push the root exploit and su to your device (they’re in the RockMyMoto zip posted in the thread)
  • Run Cydia Impactor and use it to telnet to your device
  • Run the exploit through telnet 3 times (each time brings a different outcome, so you’ll need to read the instructions in the thread carefully)
  • Wait for su to install, then run SuperSU from the Play Store

One more thing: if you have AP isolation mode enabled on your WiFi router you’ll need to disable it, otherwise you won’t be able to access your device via telnet.

Does that sound complicated to you? It’s actually not as difficult as it seems, as jcase posted all the commands you need to use, so you can just copy and paste them. All the same, you need to follow those instructions to the letter in order to root your device. As always, neither jcase, RootzWiki nor myself is responsible for any damage done to your device when rooting it. Furthermore, your warranty will be void (which it already was if you used PwnMyMoto to root your Moto X, even if you accepted the OTA camera fix that patched it). If you wish to maintain root on your device going forward, you should not accept future OTA updates from Verizon, as they might patch this root method as well.

Here’s a walkthrough video for added help in following the instructions in the thread.

Source: RockMyMoto thread in the RootzWiki forum

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