Tablet ROM Digest, First Edition

This list covers tablet ROMs by all manufacturers that have been updated in 2012. If you’re a ROM or kernel developer and would like to see your work listed here, please make sure you have an active and updated thread here at RootzWiki.

If your tablet is not listed here, it is because there have been no updates for it posted to our site. We take great care to make sure every tablet that has seen active development during the previous week is represented here. If you would like to see your phone or tablet receive more active development, please let us (and, more importantly, the phone’s current or potential developers) know by posting in the appropriate forum for your handset or in the Disqus comments at the bottom of this article.

Obligatory disclaimer: You are responsible for any consequences resulting from tweaking, rooting, or modifying your phone or tablet. If something out of the ordinary happens we can’t guarantee that it can be undone. Neither RootzWiki nor the developers associated with the contained mods are in any way liable for anything that happens beyond this point.

Acer A500

Android Open Kang Project, a500 Build 28
Official a500 Dev Build

Amazon Kindle Fire

Hellfire Kindle CM7 v1 *New!*
MIUI.US Kindle Fire ROM 2.1.13
Biffmod Blaze 0.5

ASUS Transformer

Official CyanogenMod9 Release

ASUS Transformer Prime

Android Open Kang Project Release Candidate 1
Virtuous Prime
CyanogenMod9 Nightly Builds
Stock for Unlocked Bootloaders

Barnes & Noble Nook Color

Unofficial CyanogenMod9 Nightly Builds
PhireMod Nook 7.2

HP TouchPad

CyanogenMod9 Alpha 2 Official Build
CyanogenMod7 Alpha 3.5 Official Build 2.3.7
CyanogenMod9 Unofficial Nightly Builds
Android Open Kang Project, Tenderloin Build 28
BrickedROM CyanogenMod9 Kang

Bricked Kernel

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet

IdeaPad K1 Rooted + CWM
IdeaPad K1 ICS Port
CyanogenMod9 Port

Motorola Xoom

Android Open Kang Project – Stingray/Wingray Build 28
CyanogenMod9 Unofficial Port
Codename Android 1.5.5
Bugless Beast

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7

CyanogenMod9 Build 7, Unofficial

Galaxy Tab 10.1, WiFi

Android Open Kang Project, P4
/WiFi/VZW Build 28

Galaxy Task 14
CyanogenMod9 Unofficial Build

Galaxy Tab 10.1, LTE

CyanogenMod9 Unofficial Build
EL01 Official Update]]>

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