Spigen SGP Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S 3 Series

Spigen is hard at working producing premium cases for a wide variety of devices. Spigen has pulled out all the stops to produce a very impressive catalogue of goodies for Samsung’s newest flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S3. Spigen’s offering is an impressive one that consists of screen protectors (glass & film), cases, leather wallet cases, bumpers, flip covers, and pouches.

This review looks at two of Spigen’s offerings for the Samsung Galaxy S III series: the Spigen Ultra Thin Air & Neo Hybrid, both of which are on opposite sides of the protection scale. What I learn from both cases is that Spigen offers great looking cases with many color options at a premium price. Great looks don’t always equal great quality, and premium prices don’t always mean premium gear; will these cases fall in that category? Let’s take a look.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Color Series (SGS3):

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On the box of the Neo Hybrid case, it should say, “Assembly required.” This case design is unlike anything I have seen before in this category of protection. The Neo Hybrid two-piece case starts with a TPU base secured by a polycarbonate frame along the perimeter. Both parts are well built and show no signs of rushed production but most importantly the materials look and feel top grade. The design is set out to highlight the SGS3 curves unlike most other cases on the market. The two layers of protection along the perimeter is a smart design and provide necessary protection against impact. In my experience a phone tends to fall on an edge causing serious cosmetic damage, and with this case Spigen looks to prevent that. The port cutouts are spot on but more importantly, the case thickness creates a barrier between a surface and the ports (most notably the camera lens). The thickness of the case fitting around the front of the SGS3 adds a notice lip. It does not diminish the look of your device but I like how it adds a barrier between a surface and screen set screen first.

Through out my testing I did notice however a major flaw (Spigen PR informed me that the issue has been resolved and the new generation cases have been fixed.) . The pressure from the TPU & frame of the case was pushing down on the physical buttons (volume rocker & power) causing them to be very sensitive to touch, so sensitive that even touching near the buttons caused them to activate. I reported it to customer service; they were easy to work with and refunded the purchased. Even with that in mind, I have to say this case is great and looks nice once the issue was resolved and every case comes with a screen protector. Spigen color options for the Neo Hybrid with a standard purple TPU base with interchangeable frames (yellow, white, blue, pink) for $26.99. For more color options, you can check Spigen Neo Hybrid Lumi Series.

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Spigen Ultra Thin Air Series:

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If I were not so paranoid about dropping my device on concrete, causing forever-lasting damage, I would use my phones without a case. However, I have had several devices damaged from waist high falls and have learned the hard way that some protection is better than nothing. . Spigen is offering the Ultra Thin Air series cases that provide minimal protection without adding so much weight or thickness. The case itself is of polycarbonate material solidified into a hard shell. it is definitely high quality and shows no signs of poor manufacturing. This case is perfect for those that want to keep their device as simple as possible but add a layer of protection. This case can protect the entire back of the device plus the left and right sides. The design of the case leaves the top & bottom vulnerable to damage.

What I found most impressive is how the case snaps into place and stays flush with the screen. Other cases tend to come over the edge and onto the screen. Spigen was kind enough to include a screen protector to protect against scratches and dust that the case is unable to do. The matte finish looks great and the texture adds grip making the SGS3 easier to hold. Color options for the Spigen Ultra Thin Air case include black, white, pink, gold, mint green, silver, and tangerine with a retail price of $19.99 each.

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