SGS i9000 UnBrickable Mod Now Available

Are you the owner of a Samsung Galaxy S i9000?

Worried about bricking it? (Perhaps when putting the new Samsung Galaxy S Ice Cream Sandwich Port on it)

RootzWiki Member AdamOutler, The mastermind behind the Unbrickable Mod for the Captivate has a solution for you.

For those unfamiliar with the modification, the SGS i9000 UnBrickable Mod is a great way to prevent or even fix a bricked i9000!
When the mod is finished the phone will boot in reverse order and allow USB booting much earlier in the startup sequence which allows you to use new software to recover your phone.

The process is not necessarily for the feint of heart but if your a RootzWiki reader we already know your made of strong stuff. By re-soldering the xOM5 resistor or adding in a bridging wire and then using the Team HummingMod Unbrickable software on Windows and Ubuntu you can resuscitate your hardware from it’s comatose state.

As AdamOutler describes it the mod has a few advantages over a JTAG:

  • The only part required is a wire.
  • No shipping time.
  • No cost for a box to interface the computer.
  • Permanent.
  • Can be done as a preventive measure.
  • Gives the ability to test new Bootloaders temporarily.
  • Allows development of the entire system.
  • Removes worry about flashing and acts as a backup.

If your Galaxy S is totally bricked what do you have to loose?

Hopefully we’ll see more great work from the team in the coming months. I’ve certainly got a few dead phones in drawer I’d like to develop on again!

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