Samsung’s Galaxy S III Gets Official Cyanogenmod Nightlies and Unofficial AOKP

Well, it didn’t take long for AOSP to find its way to Samsung’s newest Galaxy S flagship. Before the Galaxy S III has even reached North America, Cyanogenmod 9 and AOKP have already found their way to the root community, courtesy of Team Hacksung and Rootzwiki member netchip.

Both ROMs use Team Hacksung’s device tree, which currently has the following issues:

  • FM radio is not working (when’s the last time you used FM radio on your phone?).
  • Camera flash is acting wonky, but the camera evidently works just fine without the flash.
  • LED notifications are inactive when the phone is being charged.

Other than the issues noted above, both ROMs share all of the features that their counterparts on other devices have.

Getting around Samsung’s proprietary TouchWiz skin and related drivers is typically much easier on GSM versions of its phones, although it may take longer for these ROMs to find their way to the T-Mobile and AT&T versions due to their different chipsets. Moreover, Verizon and Sprint customers may have to wait even longer, as CDMA TouchWiz devices traditionally take longer to port AOSP to.

Please follow the installation instructions carefully for installing these two ROMs on your Galaxy S III devices, especially since the root, the custom recovery (an unofficial version of Clockwork Recovery), and the device tree are all very new.

  • Root your device by flashing Chainfire’s custom recovery in this thread.
  • Follow the instructions to flash Cyanogenmod 9 in this thread.
  • If you want to flash AOKP, flash the file in this thread instead of Cyanogenmod 9 in your custom recovery.


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