Samsung S. Voice vs Siri [Video]

While a lot of the general smartphone community considers virtual assistants nothing more than a gimmick, they do have their place for some repetitive tasks or hands-free operations. They’re great for doing searches, or texting while driving, for instance. The number of virtual assistants for Android has grown exponentially since the release of Apple’s Siri, as well. After all, we’ve got to show the iPhoners that Android can do it, and do it better, right? The latest contender in the robot overlord line-up is Samsung’s S. Voice for the Galaxy S III. Of course, people want to know, how does it stack up against Siri? Well, now we know.

The gurus over at Richie’s Room decided to pit the 2 assistants against each other in an informative video that went through some of the most common use cases for the virtual assistant. They tested things like weather, messaging, getting directions, and a few more. The results were pretty promising for Android. Response times were about equal, but S. Voice actually triumphed in a couple of areas over Siri. In all fairness, this is the current iPhone 4S iteration of Siri, and not the updated version that will release in iOS 6. The update should expand Siri’s capabilities in the area of local search for countries outside of the U.S. For now, though, S. Voice is certainly holding its own. Check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments. Do you use a virtual assistant? Which one? Do you think they’re just a gimmick?

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