Samsung Reconsiders A “Lite” Ice Cream Sandwich for Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab

Samsung just can’t seem to win right now in regards to its Ice Cream Sandwich rollout. We previously reported on Samsung’s announcement of ICS for the Galaxy S II series and confirmed Samsung’s snub of the Galaxy S. Now, thanks to the work of some very vocal and upset members of the Android community, Samsung seems to have reversed its stance and may be preparing a “Lite” version of Ice Cream Sandwich. The question we’re left with now is whether it will still be a tasty update with some Ice Cream left out of the Sandwich to make room for the thick TouchWiz wrapper.

The first chunk of information we found on this came through the Korean site In summary, Samsung has considered porting over some of the more consumer-oriented features in a “Value Pack” upgrade. This upgrade would potentially include an updated camera, ICS-style task switching, an improved browsing experience, and other potential enhancements to soften the blow that the devices won’t actually be getting the real Ice Cream Sandwich. All of this would be carefully done to make sure that Samsung can still fit its full TouchWiz launcher and phone management software into the phones’ limited ROM space:

Samsung Electronics, an official “ice cream sandwiches in the Galaxy S Value Pack is considering an upgrade,” he said on the 28th. Values, except some of the features of ICS paekyiran upgrade is the way. Proceed with the upgrade, Value Pack, you multitask , strengthening faster surfing speeds, different widget sets, cameras, speakers, improve speed to prevent camera shake during movie recording, Android, beams, etc. ICS unlock a subset of features in the face is possible. Samsung Electronics to upgrade the Value Pack Galaxy S is confirmed in the optimal plan to proceed with the upgrade functionality is packed. Samsung Value Pack Upgrade to review all of the features of the Galaxy S Add the ICS, the hardware specifications, such as available memory will be. Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy S upgrade to the ICS too satisfied with a lack of available memory environment can not offer, “he said. In particular RAM (RAM) Samsung’s own user experience (UI) of ‘TouchWiz’ and the lack of ICS Add all known. for the same reason the original Samsung Galaxy S has decided not to upgrade to the ICS. However, nearly 20 million people worldwide backlash from users keojija Galaxy S seems to be changing positions. Galaxy S users “of similar specifications for the Nexus S ICS Google promised an upgrade to Samsung’s discrimination,” said opposition has been.

Translated from Korean via Google Translate

According to a post at XDA-Developers, the Google Translate reading may not be giving the full story. The translation provided by one of their members points towards an actual release of Ice Cream Sandwich for these devices – including Android Beam and Face Unlock – but with various unnamed sundries left out to make room for TouchWiz. NFC is a likely choice, as Galaxy S hardware isn’t equipped for this feature; other sacrifices will obviously have to be made for everything to fit.

This ongoing drama with Samsung, the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab, and Ice Cream Sandwich highlights some interesting choices manufacturers make in regards to phone design in areas that should be no-brainers. Advances in display technology, SoC density and speed, and other hardware goodies such as Near Field Communication will always be right around the corner and can’t be added to a phone via firmware updates; that is a given that phone users must live with. Storage and RAM are a different story. Considering the low price of memory and the minimal space premium for added storage at the PCB level, including just enough storage space and RAM to handle the shipping revision of Android is poor planning at best and a conscious business decision to enforce quick obsolescence at worst. When one of the world’s largest memory manufacturers skimps on flash memory, it’s not necessarily for cost-cutting purposes and the end user must bear the brunt of that decision.

If you own a Samsung phone and don’t feel like waiting on a bloated user interface to be wrapped around Ice Cream Sandwich, check out our Samsung forums and see if your device already has a port available – many do. We will continue to look for official confirmation that XDA’s translation accurately reflects Samsung’s future plans and will let you know when it’s announced.]]>

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