Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505- Qualcomm LTE) Rooted – this time there’s proof

Reports surfaced throughout the internet yesterday indicating that the Samsung Galaxy S4 was rooted before launch. Many cheered and celebrated while others remained skeptical. Chainfire (Samsung Developer & Root Specialist) took to Google+ yesterday to announce that he believed the Samsung Galaxy S4 was still not rooted due to the lack of evidence. Today is a new day and Chainfire has announced that the Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505- Qualcomm LTE) was indeed rooted… this time there is evidence.

Chainfire provides a download link on XDA providing a zip file that includes all the necessary files to gain root access. The root process was tested and confirmed on XXUAMD2 firmware (Dated April 2nd). Unfortunately, no one knows whether this firmware is actually the retail firmware so we will not know if this will stick until the official launch or leak of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Those of you that wish to play with the files go HERE. Chainfire has given the following message for those that wish to use his Zip. “Everyone playing with this right now knows the drill, for the rest of you this post will be updated with more information soon. Therefore, here’s only the short instructions: flash the included .tar.md5 as PDA using Odin, and make sure repartition is not checked. You should see a red Android coming up, and your device will be rooted. If the device boots normally without the red Android, reboot into recovery manually to trigger the process.”

As you know this is very early, so try at your own risk. The announcement alone is great news for the Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505- Qualcomm LTE) as it should soon lead to custom roms for the retail device.]]>

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