Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Kernel Source Code Released

The Galaxy Note 2 official announcement event is set to occur October 24th with the device to arrive in the United States late October/early November. However, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is now available in European countries and Samsung is hard at work to keep everybody happy by releasing the kernel source code for the Galaxy Note 2.

Samsung has been playing nice recently by releasing the kernel source code for the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 10.1 and has continued with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. This might not seem like great news to the average consumer but it is for developers. This will help though developers that are looking to tinker, stabilize, and develop dedicated applications or possibly custom ROMs for their Galaxy Note 2.

I use the word ‘possibly’ when it comes to custom ROMs because I have been told that this kernel source code is actually missing the important code that allows for effective custom ROM development. Until developers break down the code, it is still too early to say whether or not custom ROMs for the Galaxy Note 2 are possible.

Even though the release of the kernel source code is a nice gesture from Samsung, it would be sad if they were withholding the main source code from developers. The Galaxy Note 2 has the potential to be a developer & fan favorite so it should be safe to assume developer support will be high for this device. Go HERE if you are interested in downloading the kernel source code for the Galaxy Note 2.]]>

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