Samsung Branching Out to Bada and Windows

Samsung has done a pretty good job solidifying their name in the Android world. Whether it’s the Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab, or Galaxy Note; Samsung has done a bang up job giving the consumer what they want. However, they don’t think that Android is enough for them, as the company is going to start spending more of their resources on their Bada software in addition to Android.

“But why are they doing that,” is what you’re probably asking right now, right? Well, we can’t read minds. We don’t know what they’re thinking. But it most likely has to do with the fact that Bada based phones still did sell between eight and nine million devices in 2011. Granted, that’s a drop in the bucket compared to the 97 million total smart phones they sold last year (which beat out Apple by a cool four million, by the way), but it still might be enough for Samsung to consider it as an avenue of revenue. After all, since Bada is 100% Samsung owned, they wouldn’t have to deal with any of the licensing and GPL stuff that they’re having to do with Android. After all, keeping up with those open source guidelines might be a bit of a headache for a company with that many devices.

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We don’t read Korean. This just looks really impressive.

Bada won’t be the only different route that Samsung is taking, though. It appears that the company is also wanting to make some Windows Phone handsets as well, although for the life of us we can’t understand why. Honestly, it seems like the company is just experimenting, or as Cave Johnson would put it, “we’re just throwing science at the wall to see what sticks”. But never fear, Android brethren, for Samsung will continue making Android devices in the future. After all, with numbers like that, they’d be stupid not to. ]]>

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