Run any Android app on your Chromebook with a bit of hackery

Only a week ago Google had announced the first set of Android apps that will run on Chromebooks — such including Vine and Evernote. Developer Vladikoff wasn’t satisfied with the slim choices that Google revealed and set out to get any Android app working with Chromebooks, with great success.

While analyzing how Google loaded their Android apps on to Chromebooks and with knowledge of Javascript, Vladikoff wrote a script that allows any apk to be packaged and loaded onto a Chromebook. Graciously, Vladikoff wrote a detailed guide in order to help end users like ourselves try this hack out — be aware that he expects you to not be program shy.

The guide requires that you have: a Chromebook (duh), apks or a rooted Android device, and an OSX or Linux system to package to apks. Also note that Vladikoff is not responsible for any damage and this hack is neither supported by Google nor by their Chrome and Android project teams.

Some of the Android apps that have been already tested and work include Twitter, Skype, and Pandora, while apps that aren’t working (at least as of yet) include Chrome for Android, Soundcloud, and Whatsapp. Are you daring enough to try this out on your Chromebook? Let us know your results if you try!


Source: OMG! Chrome


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