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While there are many twitter clients available for Android, finding the right one for you can be a chore. Different developers have different ideas for what you need in your client, whether it’s a very simple system to just read, tweet and reply, or a very feature-rich experience. We’re going to run down 5 of our favorites for you, and let you decide what you think.

1: Tweetcaster/Tweetcaster Pro

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Cost: Free version (ad supported) or Pro version for $4.99

Easily the most pricey pro version of a Twitter client on the market, Tweetcaster pro offers a fairly simplistic approach to mobile Tweeting. If you don’t mind an ad banner, Tweetcaster’s free version is certainly worth a look. Tweetcaster performs very well on both phones and tablets, with the tablet view offering thumbnails of any attached images on individual tweets. While the interface may look fairly simplistic, Tweetcaster is loaded with a lot of very nice features that set it apart from other Twitter clients, as well as improving on the Twitter service through features that you’ll wish were included as standard.

  • Search Party: This feature allows users to search through tweets with narrowed search results. You can search a users timeline, mentions, or favorites.
  • Smart Lists: The Smart List feature lets users group those they follow into categories. Similar to Google+ Circles, you can group people into those you follow for tech news, or your family members, friends, or those in your local “She’s just being Miley” fan club. This feature is only available on phones.
  • Zip It: Zip it allows you to mute certain trending topics of tweeters without unfollowing them. So when that one guy you follow is dead-set on telling the Twitterverse that, no, she is not “just being Miley,” you can virtually tell him to shut his piehole. And he’ll never know.
  • Smart Filters: The filtering system in Tweetcaster allows you to see only those tweets in your timeline that contain link, photos, or videos. This feature is only available on tablets
  • Facebook Posting: Simultaneously post tweets to both Twitter and Facebook. Make sure nobody misses that, “OMG My cat just peed on my coat! Look at it!”
  • Multiple Account Login: Login multiple Twitter accounts. You’ll be able to stay logged in to both your business account, and your @UberBeiberFever account! Just don’t get them confused. That would be #embarrassing!
  • Instapaper Support: Save longer stories to Instapaper for later reading
  • Theme Customization: Cutomize your look with themes, font sizes, and frequency of notifications
  • Long Tweets: Tweet over the 140 character limit with Twitlonger
  • Replies and Conversation Threads: Allows you to view all conversations or replies related to a tweet.
  • Who to Follow: Offers suggestion on who to follow based on your preference.

Tweetcaster is, perhaps, our favorite Twitter client. With its long list of features, ease of use, and great support, we highly recommend this one. For tablets, it’s easily the best we’ve come across, as well.

2: Tweetdeck/TweetDark

Attached Image: tweetdeck.png
Attached Image: tweetdark.jpg

Cost: Tweetdeck (free); TweetDark (free) or (donation $.99)

Tweetdeck is one of the most popular Twitter clients around. It features a very bright layout, that’s both minimalist in design, while offering support for multiple social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, and Buzz. Tweetdeck also offers web-based framework that makes it accessible as a mobile app, a Chrome app, or through another browser. You can also download Tweetdeck to your PC or Mac. TweetDark is a themed version of Tweetdeck from WJD Designs. This is a mobile app that is exactly the same client, but with a darker theme. The donation version has the same features, but you are donating to the developer of the darker theme.

  • Tweetdeck’s layout is very good for viewing Twitter feeds. Rather than a single timeline, Tweetdeck can be customized into multiple “columns”. This way you can have a column for your timeline, one for mentions, another for favorites, and so on. It also has a great filtering system that allows you to filter items globally, or just filter out certain tweeters, services, or hashtags.
  • Tweetdeck allows you to “schedule” tweets for later release.
  • Managing multiple Twitter accounts is very easy with Tweetdeck. You can also use it to cross-tweet to other accounts, or to Facebook.

3: Ubersocial

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Cost: Free

Ubersocial is one of the more complex Twitter clients in the market. Formerly known as Twidroyd, Ubersocial has lots of features and a customizable “UberBar” across the top that allows access to a number of other functions and services. Ubersocial supports multiple themes, multiple accounts, and the Twidroyd factory, where you can design your own custom themes. A service called UberChannels also offers content from many media outlets, including USA Today, Mashable, and The Hollywood Reporter. The UberBar features trending topics, video channels, messages, search, your own tweets, favorites, blocked users, subscriptions, and more. The UberBar looks really nice on a tablet, too.

  • Customize your notifications
  • Simultaneous posting to Twitter and Facebook
  • Multiple widgets
  • Tweet over the 140 character maximum with Twitlonger.
  • Show tweets that are near you, based on location services
  • Fully customizable UberBar
  • Mute features

4: Twicca

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Cost: Free

Twicca is very nice minimal Twitter client with a lot of features. If you like seeing big images in your Twitter feed, Twicca is a great client for you. Pictures attached to tweets appear very large in your feed. However, when mentioning other users it will not automatically load their names into your tweet every time. As a basic Twitter client, though, Twicca is a pretty strong offering if you just want something to read your timeline. Twicca also offers multiple account logins, geo tagging, saved searches, reply history, a home screen widget, video previews, and lists. If you want to extend the functions of Twicca, it also has plug-in support for plug-ins from the developer. Using plug-ins, you can translate tweets, see alternate Twitter-like services from other countries, or generate a QR code of your Twitter profile.

5: Twitter

Attached Image: twitter-android.jpg

Cost: Free

The official Twitter app for Android is perhaps the weakest of the Twitter clients on the market. While it’s very similar to the desktop version of Twitter, that’s not exactly a compliment. However, if simplicity is your thing then Twitter’s own app is a good choice for you. This app has none of the bells and whistles of the others, which is great for the true minimalist. For those that enjoy a lot of features, though look elsewhere. The official twitter has simple search, a simple layout for your timeline, and is very familiar if you use Twitter in your browser a lot. This app does have some bugs, though. There are user complaints that contacts do not sync properly, accounts and follow/following counts do not sync in a timely manner, and we can attest to that fact that it does force close a little too often.]]>

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