RootzReviews: The Smartest IDIOT You’ll Ever Meet

Here at RootzWiki, we’re all about Android discovery. We love to help users learn to use the full potential of these amazing devices; the keyword there being learn. One of the big appeals of the Android rooting community is the ability to customize and make our devices our own with the use of themes. Even though our forums are loaded with developers willing to help the themers of the world, sometimes asking for help can make one feel, well, like an idiot. RootzWiki Developer ehoba understands your fears however and he’s crafted one awesome tool to help noobs and veterans alike master the art of theming, meet IDIOT.

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IDIOT, or If Droids Insist On Themes, is theme building and theme porting made for those who love to theme their devices. This unique tool doesn’t help the user create images but rather allows the user to rip and/or add png images to and from apk, making altering system and application images incredibly user friendly. Building your own theme or porting one has never been easier. There’s a ridiculous amount of utilities included here.

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Built right in there is a nifty color picker tool that shows on screen exactly what your new selections are doing to your theme. A useful preview feature shows you emulator style exactly what you can expect your alterations to look like when your theme is finished. There is a Mod Util section that allows you to drag and drop filesfolders to be used by APKTOOL, Smali and BakSmali. And so you don’t get lost, when you rip PNGs from a theme you can tag them with a discription when stored in your PNG data base. Some of the newest features that have been added include rooting capability, ADB file explorer, MDPI support, and the ability to nab screen shots from your device.

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So far theme support is mainly for MIUI but the dev has stated plans to add Cyanogenmod support in the future. This was originally tested on Samsung Galaxy S type phones, however it should work on most Android devices. Be sure to head on over to check it out and lend your support. This amazing tool is being updated and tweaked all the time but it can’t grow without your help! We can’t wait to see what crazy stuff comes out of this project now that it makes theming a little easier for the more artistic, less tech savvy side of the Android Community.]]>

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