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A short time ago, we introduced you to one of our developers, who goes by the handle ChildoftheHorn. In her real life, she’s known as Stacy Devino. Stacy has created an application called AndroBox, showed you how to create your own Android Splash Screen, and helped you make an Android Business Card. Now she’s back, in conjunction with SteV-O, with a new Android and iOS app called Owtsee, a web and mobile app that shows you what public resources are around you.

We had the chance to preview Owtsee, and really liked what we saw. There are plenty of times you’re looking at your friends, or your spouse, and you’re bored. You just don’t know what to do. You’re stir crazy and need to get out of the house. But where to go? You might take to Google and start searching for public venues around you, but it’s tough to sift through all the search results looking for just the right way to wile away the hours. That’s where Owtsee comes in. Using the Android and iOS app, or the Owtsee website you can see all the public spaces available in your city! The best part is that you don’t really have to search for yourself.

Owtsee presents a checklist that you can use to filter information based on what you’re interested in doing. Feel like going to a park? Want to take your dog? Which parks are dog-friendly? Using Owtsee’s unique method, you can check the boxes for public parks, then the ones for dog-friendly. Tap the map button and you’re given a Google map that shows only the locations that match your criteria. Maybe you only want to see places that offer an outdoor pool, or roller hockey. Just use the filters, view the map, and you’re informed. If the search results aren’t quite narrow enough for you, you draw a box around the area you’re interested in going, and Owtsee will narrow the search results to the area you’ve drawn your “doodle” around.

But Owtsee doesn’t stop at just public parks or attractions. It can also help you find meetups using data from, get you directions, find parking, look up vendors, search job listings, internships or after school programs. Owtsee is brand new, and in its initial stages. Currently, it only supports the cities of Chicago, IL, and New York City. However, Seattle will be added soon, and many more cities are on the way. Any city that has public data sharing can eventually be added to Owtsee. For now, if you’re going to visit one of the supported cities, you’ll want to bring Owtsee with you so you can easily see nearby attractions to visit while you’re there!

Market Description:

Owtsee is a city guide for municipal services and public programming, geared toward individuals who want to know more about what their city has to offer. Our goal is not to tell you about Jack’s Restaurant, Mary’s Bar, Moe’s Garage, or the latest daily deals; instead, it features ways to meet people, get active, or enrich yourself without needing to spend money eating or drinking.

Owtsee links up with various public datasets to provide information on parks, services, landmarks, cultural institutions, and a whole lot more. Read more about any point of interest by clicking on its map marker. For some markers, it will help you find your way there by providing nearby transit stops. For parks in particular, it describes Meetups going on at that park (provided by the API). The information provided for the cities varies due to exactly what data has been published on their open data platform, so you’ll find things in one not available in the other!
Besides the usual means of filtering “By Borough” for those of you in New York, and “By Feature” (which we have too), the innovative “Doodle Your Area” feature allows you to filter map markers based on an area you draw.

If you’re not in the general vicinity of these cities, don’t worry; Owtsee may soon be coming to a city near you. Of course, you’re still welcome to look at new York and Chicago .]]>

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