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The Craigslist website, while being simple enough to get around on a phone browser, hasn’t changed much over the past several years and definitely hasn’t adapted itself to the increasingly mobile nature of its shoppers. This situation isn’t helped at all by the lack of an official Android application; it’s been up to interested third parties to fill the void. This Quick Look checks out a couple different options to help you find what you’re looking for in a timely manner . The Craigslist Mobile app by Dudu Apps and Craigslist for Android (CLapp) by Trixie Soft are two examples of what the Play Store has to offer.

I have bought several cheap cars from Craigslist in the last few years. If you are a repeat user of Craigslist you know that it is better to keep up with the postings to track the new listings as well as the old. I know if a car has been posted for months and the listing is re-posted over and over again that they are probably best to be avoided. Likewise, if a good listing comes in you need to react fast before it slips away from you. Curb alerts are also posts where timing is critical. Having a mobile app is a great way to see the latest posts.

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Years ago I downloaded the Craigslist for Android app, or “CLapp” for short. It is an app that has the same simple feel of the website. When you start it up you put in the search terms, the location, category, price range search options. Hit the search button and it returns your results. Within the app there is a tab for the saved searches. Another tab has your favorites to easily allow you to find postings you want to remember. If you want to just find listings from your phone, CLapp is an efficient way to do that while on the go. Much like the website, it is not pretty or fancy but gets the job done.

There are some issues with this app that need to be addressed.

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Craigslist Mobile by Dudu Apps is a nice looking app that has potential. The main screen has a search box, a category selection, your location selection and additional search options just like CLapp. It is much nicer looking than most mobile Craigslist apps. However, there are a few major flaws in the design. When entering data you put in the search terms and the next box in the list is the category.

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The problem is that the location needs to be entered before the category can be selected. An error message does pop up but it should have the boxes reversed. Once the correct information is there the search results come back. Therein lies the second major flaw, it only lists 20 results. If you are looking for very specific items this may not affect you because your list will probably be smaller. If you are looking for items in a more general search this is very limiting and will likely frustrate you. This app is very close to being my favorite Craigslist app. A few corrections would make it work perfectly.

Out of the two I would like to recommend Craigslist Mobile as the clear winner, but because of the bugs I have to say that CLapp is the better app. Despite its high praise, Craigslist Mobile still has the location error and limit on results which really does hamper the ease of performance for me even though the listings it brings back does look superior. I thought I could get accustomed to filling that box in, and yes it does keep it stored once you set it. However, I live between two major towns and I need to switch back and forth to get results. This should be an easy fix for the developer to make.. The first time you use the app it makes the user feel like there is an obvious flaw with the design. The results being capped at 20 has not been a big problem for me personally but I could see it causing trouble for many users. If you need a mobile app for Craigslist I have to recommend CLapp. It is poorly named but it just works. It may have no bells and whistles but it remains a solid performer.

With no official app, these apps developed by others will allow you to have different experiences than you get from the website. Some are much closer in look and feel but all of them deliver similar results. I doubt we will ever see an official Android app for Craigslist. That being the case, I would love to hear what apps you use and why that app is the one you chose.

Download CLapp:

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Download Craigslist Mobile:

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