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The UEFA Euro 2012 tournament started on June 8th and is in full swing through July 1st. The Euro 2012, simply put, is a football (soccer) tournament featuring 16 state teams. With its popularity growing here in the US, it is becoming more of a necessity to have an app to stay in touch with the tournament and follow our teams.. The tournament is playing out during regular business hours here, so having an application that can report the latest scores to me is important. After a couple day’s worth of testing, here is my take on the Euro 2012 Android application, where it misses, and where it scores.

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At first glance, the app appears to be well written. Upon entering the application, I immediately see the latest scores and can easily star my favorite team or teams. In this case, I starred Germany. Below the scoring tables, the latest news is fed into the main page. I have to admit I am not that much of a follower of the UEFA, but I know there are some that keep up with more in depth, behind the scene happenings similar to NFL or NBA league news.

The settings button is easily accessible on the upper right side of the first page. With a sliding interface, similar to Facebook and Evernote, a menu appears offering options, other matches, multimedia, and even the location of the games for those attending and need to find the stadiums. Inside of the options menu, I can set up how I want notifications pushed to me. I can have scores, match events, timings, and videos pushed to me when they are available. I opted to just have timings and goals pushed to my phone. My first test came Wednesday during the Germany vs Netherlands match. I received a notification on time that the match had started. I then started hearing notifications telling me of Germany’s two goals. All notifications to me came at a decent time. I do see in reviews that some are not happy about the speed of these alerts, but to me, so far, this worked really well.

Altogether, this is a must have application for those following the Euro 2012 tournament. It has done an adequate job of giving me alerts, showing me stats, schedules, teams, tables, matches, and more. For those not able to catch the action live and are away from a computer, this application will do the trick.

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Euro 2012 Is available via the Google Play Store


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