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Let’s face it; there are a lot of options when it comes to Android file utilities. For better or worse, each file utility offers users a different experience. Users looking for an easy to use file explorer which functions well without all the frills should give Pure ICS File Manager a try. Pure ICS File Manger can be found in the RootzWiki Android Applications forum.

I am always trying out new utilities to see if I can find something that is different than what I already have loaded on my Android smartphone or tablet. I have always enjoyed “shaking things up” and I refuse to become complacent. When I do find something unique I try it for a while and give that app a chance to grow on me. Pure ICS File Manager is one of the those unique apps which I am currently using.

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By design, Pure ICS File Manager gives users a barebones but functional experience in a file utility. The developer decided not to over-theme and to forego adding bloat – instead they kept the User Interface (UI) straightforward. Users craving simplicity will find developer Flyingyellow’s approach refreshing.

Pure ICS File Manager sticks as close to the Android design and UI principles as possible, from the way files are selected all the way down to the form of the icon. Its goal is to be a perfect fit into the Android operating system, both in aesthetics and usability

Flyingyellow, Developer, Pure ICS File Manager

Pure ICS File Manager includes the following options:

  • The ability to multiple cut/copy/paste/delete
  • Add new folders/files
  • Share and rename individual files
  • An easy to read indicator which shows available space
  • No ads

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I am really enjoying my experience using Pure ICS File Manager. While at first I wasn’t sure about the developer’s no frills approach, I ended up liking the direction he went with the app. I totally agree with his premise that keeping the UI simple helps to enhance performance. I was also happy that Flyingyellow didn’t sacrifice features while striving for simplicity.

Flyingyellow is looking to incorporate the following additional features in the future builds:

  • Bookmarks
  • Toggle hidden file/folder display
  • Sort order preferences
  • Receiving intents for picking files

The RootzWiki Application forums offer RootzWiki users the opportunity to try out some incredible apps. The forum also affords developer the ability to have the community test their apps before they go public. Apps in the forums can be in the full release, release candidate, beta, or alpha phase of development. Please keep this in mind as you are deciding to try out apps. If you are unsure of what you are doing or don’t feel comfortable about the phase the app is in, please do yourself a favor and wait until a more stable candidate is released.

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