Play Your Google Music Library in Any Music App with Cloud Music Sniper

The Rootz community loves our developers. We rock their themes, flash their ROMs, and love to download their latest apps. We have a great bunch of devs here, and when they publish something new, we want everyone to know about it. Today we’re bringing you an essential app for those of you rocking a library on Google Music, from the always-colorful R2DoesInc. The creator of Rom Crawler and Poke Pro is back with an awesome new app called Cloud Music Sniper.

If you have a nice, big library of tunes on Google Music, you have probably noticed that there are some restrictions on when and where you can play that music. It’s all well and good to have a bunch of songs, but when you go to play them you’re limited to Google’s official Music app. The Music app is alright for basic use, but it lacks a lot of the more advanced options of other music players for Android. A lot of us prefer apps like WinAMP or the new CM9 Music Player. The problem is that these apps can’t access your online GMusic library. That’s where Cloud Music Sniper comes in.

By harnessing the untold powers of the universe, Cloud Music Sniper can make your Google Music library available anywhere, any time, on any music app you want to use. That’s regardless of an available wifi or data connection. The app also allows you to take the offline music collection and play it on any desktop player. All you’ll need to do is throw $1.99 into R2DoesInc’s herbal inspiration fund, make your GMusic library available offline, fire up the Sniper app, and follow the simple directions. The music is then stored at /sdcard/t3hh4xx0r/gMusicSniper with the album, artist name, album artwork, and track info (provided it’s embedded in the mp3 file) and your music is ready to go.

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The app is a brand new edition of the previous Google Music Sniper. It’s constantly being updated to fix any issues you might run into. R2DoesInc is quick to respond and help you out with issues, too, so don’t be shy about relaying any bugs you might encounter. If you’re ready to take control of your music, visit the Android Market and start downloading.]]>

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