Photo Taken From Nexus 7 Pops up on Google+

It’s widely believed now that Google and ASUS will be launching a dual-branded Nexus tablet this year. We’ve seen a lot of potential leaks already, including photos of the device itself. At least one pair of those photos we know were faked while the others are still in question. More recently, an ASUS rep at Computex was said to have confirmed that the device is in production but no further details were given. Today there’s a new piece of evidence that looks mighty credible though it’s not a photo of the device itself.

Posted Image

This image of a ceiling is alleged to be taken at a Google office, specifically Google building 44. The information came by way of EXIF data from the photographers Picasa web album. Though EXIF data can be faked, the photographer who posted the images, Somit Bh on Google+, is pretty cozy with a whole lot of folks over at Google. That lends him a bit of credibility. The Verge notes, also, that the Nexus S was revealed in a similar manner 2 years ago. We’ll hope to hear some official confirmation coming out of I/O, which is just around the corner. You’ll be sure to catch all the news out of I/O right here on Rootz, so stay tuned.]]>

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