Paranoid Android: What’s New and What’s to Come

Paranoid Android, one of the bigger names in the ROM scene, is always up to something cool and innovative. While some ROMs focus on speed, stability, or a close-to-AOSP feel, PA focuses on giving you new ways to use your phone with features like PIE navigation and HALO. The PA team is always trying to push the envelope. As any other ROM cooker, they have merged the new source code for Android 4.3 and gotten to work on some new stuff.Android 4.3 dropped on the 24th of July and since then, ROM makers everywhere have been hard at work porting to phones and fixing bugs. Paranoid Android wasn’t one to screw around. As with any new version of Android, certain ROM features broke and needed to be fixed.Paranoid Android is now at version 3.95 and here is what has changed in their most recent build:CellbroadcastReceiver fixJSS15J 2 second input freeze fixApp Ops “retouched” to make privacy more usableBattery/clock and quicktoggles margins fixedOption to use 2 different tokens for encryption a…]]>

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