NSA’s New Device: Project Fishbowl

Taking another step from what we announced the National Security Agency (NSA) was doing with Android in January, America’s most secretive intelligence agency just released details on a government-sponsored, Android OS-ed device named the Fishbowl. These phones are made from OEM devices that are modified with an AOSP-based OS that contains layers of encryption that prevent unsecure applications from being downloaded or run on the phones.

The plan was to buy commercial components, layer them together and get a secure solution, it uses solely commercial infrastructure to protect classified data.

NSA’s Margaret Salter

Calls can be made on the devices through 3g and Wi-Fi while 4G capabilities are being researched for future implementation. Per NSA policy, all calls are encrypted twice.

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You may be asking yourself, what makes this cool or newsworthy? One of the major knocks against Android (except of course smoke and mirrors made but unnamed tech writers) seems to always be security. The fact that an ultra-secure government agency has opted for Android technology over iOS or Blackberry (they still make Blackberries right?) says a great deal about the versatility of Android.

If you want to check out NSA’s plans and Fishbowl manifesto, you can do so here.]]>

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