No Need For S-Off, HTCDev Unlock Does The Job On HTC One

In the past HTCDev unlock has still left some hurdles for developers to overcome, and until S-Off (security-off) was achieved on those devices things like flashing custom kernels was a chore and required additional software like FlashimageGUI to get it done. According to well-known developer Koushik Dutta, who recently wrote a G+ post to clear up some misunderstandings about S-Off, this will not be a problem in the case of the HTC One.

In fact, he mentioned in an earlier G+ post that unlocking the HTC One via HTC’s dev unlock process causes the phone to “behave just like a Nexus,” ready to flash anything other than custom radios. Koushik Dutta points out that there are two different things we want to do when we root and flash custom firmware on our HTC devices, and he explained it in a very simple manner that should alleviate some of the confusion about HTCDev Unlock does in terms of the HTC One.

  • Being able to flash a custom ROM (boot, recovery, system)
  • Being able to flash the black box partitions (radios, non-mfg bootloaders, etc)

S-off, or security off, a term that is specific to HTC bootloaders, does exactly what it says. It removes the device’s security. Aside from flashing bootloader and radios s-off only gives developers access to the “black box” areas of the phone. And as Koushik points out, only the OEMs or perhaps the manufacturers of the processors,like Samsung or Qualcomm, need or want this kind of access. To put it a simpler way HTC Dev Unlock on the HTC One works just as it should rendering the boot, recovery, and system partitions unlocked, making it virtually identical to the “unlocked” Nexus devices out there.

In fact the same parts of the phone that are off limits in the HTC One are off limits in your Nexus device. On your Nexus it’s called Secure Boot. Unless the developer community takes up radio development there is no need for “S-Off” on the HTC One. HTCDev Unlock more fully unlocks the phone this time around. Flashaholics can now rejoice (unless you’re on AT&T, which is supposed to be blacklisting its HTC One variant, making it impossible to unlock via HTCDev – it should have been blacklisted already, but RootzWiki founder b16 was still able to unlock his AT&T HTC One when he got it). If you’re on any other carrier and void your warranty by unlocking your HTC One, there is nothing in the way of you getting all the custom ROM, kernel and recovery love that you need on the HTC One.

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