Nexus Tablet to be Called “Google Play”?

With the Nexus line of Android handsets bring that pure Google experience, it’s no surprise that rumors of an AOSP Nexus tablet have been floating around for quite some time now. Well now there’s some more speculation that can be tossed on top of the rumor pile. Well on leap daymultiple domains were registered that point to the existence of something called “Google Play”.

But what is “Google Play”? Well, right now we don’t know. All we know is that MarkMonitor, a company that helps other companies do things sneakily, registered the following domains:

It wouldn’t be the first time that Google used MarkMonitor. In fact, if you do a whois on Google; you’ll find that it’s registered via MarkMonitor. So could these websites be pointing to the Nexus tablet? There’s a good chance of that, since all of the links are for newspapers, magazines, tv, apps, etc. All of which are things you expect to do on a tablet.

The tablet, which is rumored to be a 1280×800 7″ ICS tablet, doesn’t really have any more information at the present time, but you can bet we’ll be right on top of it when we hear anything else. We’re willing to bet a pint that it’ll be announced at this years Google I/O, though.]]>

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