Nexus 7 Factory OS Image Released, Easily Rooted

The Nexus 7 has earned quite a lot of buzz since its announcement last Wednesday at Google I/O. The 7″ tablet was acclaimed for it’s pure Google experience and in proper Nexus fashion, the recovery is already available. So what is available and what can we do with it?

This is not the same as the AOSP release which we are all expecting sometime in the middle of July. This is essentially a factory reset recovery image to allow people to restore their devices if their developing or hacking gets a little out of hand. The image can be found under the Nakasi section of the recovery download page found here.

Those of you who already have your Nexus 7 from Google I/O and would like to root, the instructions and downloadables can be found here. In true Nexus device fashion, the process is quick and easy.

It’s good to have that parachute. Kudos for Google for being quick to release this image and hopefully for being just as fast to release Jellybean to us all. Happy rooting!]]>

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