New Twitter Beta 5.0 released to testers [update – bugfixes] [update – apk beta 8]

“HoloYolo!” screams the new Twitter beta 5.0. If you signed up for the Twitter beta then it should start rolling out to you today.

We are looking into the features of the beta now, and so far it seems like a mostly visual redesign. Below is a gallery that will be updated as we find things.


  • Completely new design
  • Inline images and videos!
  • Reordering of menu items
  • Navigation sidebar

Update: Here’s what it looks like when you get notifications in the app. Real notification counts!

Update 2: At the request of many, here is a download to the apk. I advise that you try sign up for the beta as well. Many people are reporting problems trying to sign up for the beta now.

Update 3: Some bugfixes to that last apk were just released this is 5.0 beta 7 now – download here

Update 4: and heres beta 8

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