New Cyanogen Build Servers Online

Well, rooters and modders, it seems your contributions have paid off. Shortly after 3 AM (EST), Cyanogen announced on Twitter that the Cyanogenmod team has brought its new build servers online. According to the official blog, your contributions made it possible for the team to purchase three new Dell R610 servers capable of building CM9 in nine minutes. He also said Cyanogenmod would make another announcement “when nightly builds are being made for all targets on a predictable basis.”

The new servers each contain two hexa-core Intel Xeon X5675 CPUs (12 cores total) and 32 GB of RAM, which makes for some beastly power. A scheduler should be set up in a few days “to automate the process of building every target”, Cyanogen said. I have sent a message to Cyanogen seeking further comment. More to follow…]]>

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