Moto 360 gets rooted

Gaining root access for our devices is something that us Android owners have become accustomed to. If you have a flagship device you can almost always expect to receive root (more often than not) shortly after the device is release and sometimes even before. With Android Wear being available, we’re starting to see our watches gain root access as well, whether they can utilize it or not.

Here comes the coveted Moto 360, which has recently gained root access as well. You can thank JCase and beaups for this root exploit, they are well known devs that often find root exploits for devices and they haven’t let the 360 pass him by. The root process for Android Wear is slightly different than that our phones and tablets, one reason being the watches have no microUSB ports. The 360 is especially difficult due to it utilizing a wireless charging instead of one that use pins.

The process involves connecting a specially crafted jig/cable that dproidan (aka Daniel Padilla) created to get the watch communicating with a computer, and then flashing a custom boot image in fastboot mode. It’s generally a very easy process but keep in mind there isn’t much you can do with root right now for Wear. Currently there are only some system images available (for the various updates the 360 has had), while the G Watch had a custom ROM or two built for it.

If you’re eager to get root on your 360, perhaps just for bragging rights, head down to the source link below. Do you think that gaining root for Wear can produce something meaningful or is this just to say it can be done?

Source: XDA | Lilputing

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