MIUI 4 Unleashed on Kindle Fire

Amazon’s Kindle Fire sure is one hot product in the custom rom department these days. The little tab that could has already been graced with some truly great projects like MIUI and has had an early taste of Ice Cream Sandwich thanks to a Cyanogenmod 9 port. Now, thanks to the hard working team over at MIUI, the Fire has received one of the hottest new roms on the block, MIUI 4.

MIUI 4 is a blend of everything you love (or hate) about MIUI with some of the best features rolled in from Android 4.0. This version for the Kindle Fire is not quite the complete package but does bring a majority of the popular features to the table. There’s the traditional MIUI custom home screen designed to hold all of your apps, a new and improved themed system panel, and more! Several MIUI utilities such as backup and file explorer have made the cut along with many of the standard Google Apps including the official Android Market.

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There are still a few bugs that need to be ironed out such as (but not limited to) broken tethering via USB, no hardware accelerated graphics, and the inability to keep static wallpaper. If your Kindle Fire is jonesing for some ICS MIUI head over here to check it out. This is an amazingly smooth running Rom for an Alpha build and we can’t wait to see these fine developers take it all the way. This coupled with the recent announcement of going open source, and the Chinese rom continues to hit home runs in the development community.]]>

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