LG releases QSlide, QRemote, QPair and QCircle SDKs

When the G3 was first announced, many people were wondering about developer support and whether developers would be able to build apps that would run with some of LG’s most talked-about features. I know one of the first things that came to my mind when watching the announcement was whether I’d be able to use my favorite apps with QSlide.

LG has announced that they will be holding a developer event on June 24th that will allow developers to get on board and up to speed with the new G3. Today, however, LG released several SDKs for developers to make use of. The SDKs they released are for the QCircle case, QSlide, QRemote and QPair. This is good news because it allows developers more time to get their apps compatible with LG’s slew of features. This means that once the G3 is officially launched in the US, we could see some other cool uses for the features that LG has put into its newest flagship.

The QCircle SDK is for LG’s new QuickCircle Case. This case is a flip cover that give you a quick glance of what’s going on on your phone without you having to open up the case. Out of the box it’ll give the consumer access to health information, messages, calls, music, the camera and settings. The QSlide SDK will be for -you guessed it-the QSlide function. This function allows users to multitask by letting consumers run apps in the foreground and background. QRemote is the function that allows the customer to use their phone as a remote control, and QPair essentially allows the consumer to have seamless syncing of calls and texts between their tablet and phone. As you can see, these features are very important to LG, and it appears as though LG would like developers to play with the SDKs and see what they can bring to the table in terms of creating a better user experience for the consumer.

If you wanted to get more information about LG’s developer event, check out their website here. If you’re interested in grabbing the SDKs for these features, check out LG’s developer site.


Source: TalkAndroid

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