LG Focusing on Android; Sorry, Windows Phone!

LG has announced that they will be sticking with Android and will not be planning to release another LG manufactured Windows Phone any time soon. This just solidifies many people’s assumptions since LG failed to display any new Windows Phone 7 devices at Mobile World Congress this past February. After posting a profit for the first time following seven quarters of losses, it’s fairly obvious that this is a business decision to stick with the platform that offers the best chance at generating revenue for the company.

“The total unit of Windows Phone sold in the global market is not a meaningful figure,” said the LG spokesman. This does not bode well for Microsoft when a phone manufacture says Windows Phones are not profitable. LG however did not cut all ties with Microsoft but merely is putting it on hold. The LG Representative said the company will “continue research and development efforts” on Windows Phones. “Ballmer, who will speak about the ‘new era of technology,’ will be staying for a day in Seoul,” said a Microsoft Korea spokesperson Lee Seung-yeon. “We, however, don’t have the fixed details of his business meeting schedule as of now.” This will be Ballmer’s opportunity to reach out to persuade LG to continue producing new Windows hardware.

Should Microsoft be worried about losing LG? Do they have enough to compete with devices from just Nokia, HTC, and Samsung? However, from those three manufactures is seems as if Nokia is the only that is “all-in” with Windows Phone OS.]]>

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